Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 18 reviews )

Better than a flow control faucet

Review by Larry on 6/11/2020

I've been using both an Intertap flow control faucet and a Perlick flow control faucet. Never quite happy with the Perlick. I had 12 feet of line based upon the online calculator I found and even with the Perlick still had issues. I installed one of these and after about 1 pour of fiddling around each time I change a 1/6 keg, I never have to mess with it again. I left my original beer line installed instead of changing it over to the recommended ID line form Kegland. I'm not in that much hurry to make a pour and I'm very happy with the results. I ditched the Perlick for a regular Intertap SS faucet and couldn't be happier.

No worries about line length anymore!

Review by Eric on 5/14/2020

Conceptual physics and CO2 phase behavior aside as to why this works like it does, this can be adjusted to choke back your liquid flow rate enough that the CO2 stays in solution and only comes out at the tap with however much tubing you have. I highly recommend experimenting and taking a log book of how many turns from closed result in the optimal combination of foam and flowrate, noting bubbles in your tubing and the amount and quality of the head in your beer. At Denver sea level and 7' of tubing, I need about 1.25 - 1.5 turns to get more than a dribble out of the faucet without too much foam. Though a lower flow rate at home isn't bad - it's not like you need to get whatever you are pouring to the customer in record time - you're in control and doing the pouring yourself, so get the foam levels how you want them!

The best ball lock connector on the market

Review by Adrian F. on 4/12/2020

This thing is freaking incredible. I kid you not, I'm running less than a foot of line from this thing to a Pluto gun, and after adjusting it (which is comically easy, even with one hand), I have better pours than some of the lines at the brewery where I work (~2.5 vol for reference). If you can spare the money, 100% buy one of these for every keg you have. This is the best ball lock connector in existence

Not what I expected

Review by Summoner12 on 3/18/2020

I'd rate this as 5 stars if only it flowed more. It's too restrictive when "fully open". I do need to share some of the blame with this though, I didn't read the note about that before buying. Really, the only plus is that yes, my beer flows slowly and I don't get a ton of foam on that particular tap, but for less money I could have just made the beer line longer and used one of the cheaper plastic ball locks. I know this ball lock has a place in the world of beer, it's a well made product and aside from the flow, it rocks. Please, KegLand, make these flow better!


Review by chris on 2/22/2020

Purchased three of these for my keezer. Two work but I just found one is leaking. Found about a pint of beer had leaked out before I caught the problem. Just read there are machining issues with these. Good luck if you purchase these! William's Brewing Responds: Sorry about this, we have sent a replacement at no charge for your defective one. Thanks for your business!