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Good - needs More Fittings

Review by Droidiphile on 4/5/2020

Bottom line: I am sipping the first batch I made in the 'Zilla and it is flawless. The 27L 'Zilla works uncannily well. After primary settled down, all the trub was down inside the well; I closed off the stopcock, unscrewed the well, dumped the trub, sanitized the well, reinstalled it, opened the stopcock, and in a day, a thick layer of yeast mud was on the bottom, ready to be used, stored, or discarded as you see fit. It seems a clunky to use, but I think that just shows a need to get my new processes optimized. It would benefit from a fitting on the well that allows draining from the bottom. That could be a Corny Keg fitting with a nipple for tubing or maybe just a simple screw-on valve. I do have the pressure kit, but I do not see a practical way to keep the 'Zilla cold, as in, serving directly from the 'Zilla. Aging under pressure? I will experiment with that next batch.

brew with greatness

Review by Louie Jordan on 4/3/2020

this was a birthday gift to my son who lives in Iowa who has been brewing for sometime-however he has kids who suck up all his income-so i thought this to be a great birthday gift at a great price-plus you folks include the transfering kit (carb/caps). I also have this unit-and enjoy using it in brewing. thanks again for the great deal.

Looks good but not better

Review by Martin on 4/3/2020

I had fermentasaurus and i was looking for a second fermenter. All the upgrades that fermzilla had looked good. All the down side that you see in the videos are true. If you make sure that all the parts are airtight will be hard to disassemble. You have to use a lot of lube. If i have to do it again i will go for fermentasaurus.


Review by Joe Gorman on 12/17/2019

Just used once and could not do the dry hop because I couldn't get the bowl off. The good is contingent on next brew that allows me to get the bowl off. I also feel that I couldn't completely shut the valve. I was reluctant to use to much pressure. William's Responds: The valve closes all the way but you have to use pressure. It is very sturdy so don't worry about over pressing the handle.

Works as advertised but has quirks

Review by Steve R on 12/3/2019

Quite happy after one batch: Get the pressure kit. Move beer from Fermzilla to keg using a hose with beer connectors on both ends, pressurizing Fermzilla a bit. (You have to vent the keg.) I got all the beer with almost no sediment. Unstrained pellet hops settled out in the collection jar, which was easy to clean and replace. To harvest yeast you might want to remove hops, which requires a small strainer or a funnel. The Williams funnel E37 could work but its strainer clogs too quickly. My pressure kit came with metal fittings that accept beer- and gas-side connectors, though Williams tells me the manufacturer is switching to plastic fittings. I had to use a wrench to tighten these enough, even though the instructions say to finger-tighten. Instructions are not well organized or written. Example: the fermenter includes a handy sticker with volumetric marks (3, 4, 5 gals, etc.), but it's not clear whether these volumes are with or without the collection jar. (They are without.)