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Review by Mr.Roy on 7/11/2012

Works well.No leaks in 3 uses .Crystal clear beer in 24 hours of high carbed treatment.I found the keg to keg method works great.At first i tried the open line at the end and into a sanitized keg, had better results when i bought the attachments and hooked it up to the keg. Definitely a product on my have to have list.And im going to experiment with my hoppy beers too, except im not going to filter free floating hops.

Helps with a clean taste

Review by Bad Beer Man on 6/9/2012

Great product. Love filtering out the "yeast" taste to my home brews. Requires carbonating in kegs.

Highly Recommend!!!

Review by Matt on 6/1/2012

This filter system is great. No leaks whatsoever. I used the 1 micron filter for some apple wine I made, and it cleared it up and helped make my best batch so far! I used a 7 micron filter on beer and had a similar result. It reduces aging time -- a HUGE plus. $$$ SAVING TIP: Rather than buying extra equipment and wasting CO2, I simply bought some tubing and ran it from my priming tank at the top of the stairs to my keg at the bottom of the stairs -- this yields roughly 5 psi via gravitational potential energy. It's the same concept as pressure from a water tower. FYI, you gain 0.433 psi per foot of altitude above the filter.

Forget filtering hopped beers

Review by Robert on 4/5/2012

Hop sludge clogs even the course filter pads after 2-3 gallons; Even after cold crashing for several days.

Works as Designed

Review by Alan on 5/13/2011

I used this filter for the first time with great results. The product works as touted. I had not problems with leaks. Just follow the directions: Soak Filters in water, tighten the plates together,tightening opposing screws, run sanitizer through every thing. I did 5 gallons in 30 minute at 3 PSI.