Average rating 7.75 out of 10 ( based on 24 reviews )

filter plates

Review by Harold on 8/29/2014

Worked well, used 7m,filter and only had a small leek, tightened the nuts and it stopped. took about 30 min. to filter 5 gal. pushed the pressure to high end. The beer was very clear. Had no problems with clogging.

simple and effective

Review by Daniel on 1/25/2014

The plate filter is easy to use and works like a charm. Simply crash cool your beer for a few days, pour off a pint of the settled yeast or until the thick stuff has run through, and then hook up the filter. 1 Micron filter gets the beer brilliantly clear.

Works just fine

Review by Kevin on 10/20/2013

Worked for me just fine,Beer was pretty clear and cold crashed,pushed threw at 4 lbs in less than 10 min,With no leaks or clogs.

Good for Cold Crashed Beer

Review by Will on 11/1/2012

Worked pretty well for a cold crashed, mostly clear cream ale. Took about an hour to push 5 gallons thru the filter using the 7 micron pads. Tried to filter another beer using the same pads right after the first one and it clogged. Tried filtering a fruit beer that was cold crashed and it clogged immediately.

Clogs easily

Review by Jason on 7/26/2012

I brew high gravity hopped beers. Even after cold crashing the beer for a few days the course pad will clog in 2-3 gallons of beer. Opening the filter reveals the pads are clogged; I have washed the pads off and continued the filter process to finish my 5 gallon batch. Can't imagine trying to filter 10 or 20 gallons of beer with this device. Get extra pads if you really want to use this filter. If I have to wait for weeks for the particles to fall out of suspension before using this filter what's the benefit?