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Homebrew review

Review by D H on 2/6/2020

First brew went well. Brewed 6gal and only had 0.5gal loss in 60 min boil. Was 40 in brew shed. Didn't get up to rolling boil until I covered top 7/8 with the lid. Decided to order distilling lid to help with boil but will uncover for last 10-15 min to allow DMS to boil off


Review by Bob on 5/6/2019

After using the Digiboil for several batches I decided to use it as my primary system. I do 5.25 gallon, full volume mash, MIAB (mash in a bag) batches with excellent results. Here's a link to a post with a description and picture of the setup. https://www.brewersfriend.com/forum/threads/emiab-2-vessel-system.11338/ I used the same MKII pump and plumbing that were previously used with my 14 gallon boil kettle.


Review by Sam U on 2/14/2019

Well worth the money. I have been wanting to go electric for some time but didn't want to spend what the other companies were wanting. I wrapped my unit with 3 layers of reflectix and once was to strike twmp, turned off and proceeded with biab. I had no problem getting to a full boil. Brew day was so much nicer not having to drag as much out. Now, I can use the money I saved to buy a whirlpool and pump.