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Great Quality System

Review by Norman on 4/6/2020

I have used the other electric brewing systems, and the "Mash & Boil" with pump is the best I have found so far. There are fewer parts and pieces, which I really like. Also, the 1600 watt (110v) heater gives a more robust Boil than the other 110v competitors. The price is much better, and the value is super. You will be very happy with this " all in one electric" system.

Beats robobrew hands down

Review by Eric Quinn on 4/27/2020

Just what I was looking for after countless problem with robo brew with pump.


Review by Dan Harkins on 10/24/2020

I love this thing! It makes sparging a breeze and it's so easy to control the mash. It's a consistent process now so I can tweak recipes now and experiment, one less variable in the mix.

Truly Transformative

Review by Bryan on 12/13/2020

I cannot overstate how much this device has improved my brewing experience. I've tried all-grain brewing before but couldn't master the temperature regulation, the timing, or any of the processes. Extract brewing is not satisfying to me because frankly all extract beers taste like they came from syrup. The Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil changed all that. You do need to set aside most of a day to do the job properly but the grunt and guess work is removed. My finished products have been fantastic and I've never enjoyed the process of brewing as much as I have since I bought the Mash & Brew!

Get with a pump

Review by Brett Gerber on 12/14/2020

I’ve brewed several batches now on this and I’m glad I got the recirculating pump. I also purchased a plastic sparge insert for the tube for a few bucks and highly recommend one. This morning I used the timer feature for the first time. I crushed my grains last night and set the water where it needs to be and timed it to turn on at 5:30 so at 6:15 when I woke up, it was ready for the grain. It takes roughly 45mins to heat the water at 3 1/2gallons and after an hour when I sparge the grain, I turn up the heat to boil and it’s almost ready to boil as I’m finished. It is hard to read the gallon measurements on the back and I’ve not had to reset my brew, but for some reason they decided to put the rest on the bottom. We drilled out a whole on the old coffee table that we brew on to fix this issue if we ever have to reset. Awesome buy!

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