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I love my Mash and Boil

Review by Patrick on 9/4/2019

I wish I would have got a M&B sooner. Less clean up, no more buying propane, mash water is set and ready when I want it to be. The list goes on. I highly recommend this product.

great unit

Review by Jason Walker on 9/16/2019

I put this unit through the works. I brewed 60 gallons in this unit from July to August for a wedding. It worked with out any problems. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to get into all grain brewing. We also purchased the sparge water heater with it. Great way to heat up strike water if you are doing multiple batches back to back.

First All Grain

Review by Walt on 1/17/2020

My experience thus far with home brewing had been exclusively with malt extract. I purchased the Mash & Boil so I could brew all-grain. My first time went great. The Mash & Boil worked seamlessly. Temperatures held steady during the mash and the boil came up quickly. Things went just like described in the product literature. Can’t wait for my next brew.

Brewer's Edge® Mash & Boil With Pump

Review by Bob L on 3/25/2020

Very pleased, works great. Brewer's Edge sparge heater is a great addition as well.

Back to brewing

Review by Jack on 3/26/2020

After selling my all grain gas fired brewing system to make room for the all in one Mash and Boil, I have now made 2 beers with this system. The first was trial and error with setting up and hitting the correct numbers for mash and sparge. The second brew day went a lot smoother and actually decreased my brew day time:) clean up is super easy also! I gave it a 4 rating because the electric unit pulls quite a bit of amps and kept tripping my 20 amp breaker in the garage. Where I have two refrigerators and a freezer on the circuit. I had to run an extension cord to inside the house to run my sparge heater. All in all this is a great unit that allowed me to hit 75% efficiency:)

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