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works great so far

Review by Paul Lindsey on 5/21/2020

Using it for the first time on a wheat based beer and it is working great. But still early as the keg is still more then half full. Time will tell. But it was easy to install and so far so goox.

Works great

Review by Jay on 9/3/2020

Only issue is occasional it will blow gas due to the ball being cocked to one side. A simple rocking of the keg rights the ball and all is well. I have them in all my kegs.

Flawed design

Review by Jesse on 10/13/2020

Not sure what the deal is but occasionally the diptube doesn't fully submerge and pulls co2 through the line causing to pour nothing but gas or foam. It doesn't always happen but when it does it's frustrating. Usually happens when filling a growler. I actually opened the keg to replace it with a normal diptube and that's what I saw. It's a bummer because it's such a nice and simple idea/design, but it just doesn't quite cut it.

Flawed Design?

Review by RC on 10/21/2020

I bought two. Neither of them float below the surface. The pickup tube sits on the surface-- sometimes drawing beer and other times drawing just co2. No idea what I'm doing wrong. William's Brewing Responds: If one draws C02, shake the keg a bit to settle the pickup tube below the float.

Excellent item

Review by Dwayne on 11/30/2020

After purchasing the Fermzilla and seeing how great the floating pickup tube on those worked I replaced 4 of my standard dip tubes with 2 more to be replaced with this floating dip tube. Zero issues and clean clear beer. Will never return to the standard.

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