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Very handy product.

Review by Andrew on 7/31/2019

Not exactly original, as I've been using this type of hardware for over a year, but still a very useful product. This is a piece originally used by the Fermentasaurus system, but that company has had supply chain problems. Glad to see Williams stepping up to try and keep it available! This definitely helps with pouring super-clear beer as fast as possible. It also helps avoid the problem of pouring stirred-up sediment from the bottom after you move a keg around. With this, my latest lager was pouring crystal-clear on after just 3 days in the keg at 45F. (first day to chill and carb at 40PSI, second day add gelatin, third day crystal clear). A bottom dip tube would have taken significantly longer to pour clear. Also, the longer (3-4") dip tube included with the Williams version makes it SIGNIFICANTLY easier to assemble than my first one that had a very short gas-side tube. I ordered 3 more.

Game changer for kegging

Review by Nick on 7/31/2019

I had a beer that was hazy (wasn’t supposed to be). Added this dip tube and some gelatin and 3 days later I was able to pour crystal clear beers. No wasted beer pours since the gelatin and the gunk are sitting at the bottom. I will convert the rest of my kegs to use this. Great value and well made.

Love this!

Review by Michael Harper on 6/28/2019

I have been using this in a keg of NEIPA and it's been awesome. The NEIPA had 5 ounces of dry hops, and there's no way to completely siphon it without picking up some hops. Drawing from the top leaves everything but the haze in the bottom of the keg.

Good buy Excessive Oxygenation

Review by Trent A on 6/18/2019

With these new Top Draw dip tubes I can reduce the beers exposure to Oxygen when transferring, dry hop, and crash chill all in the keg, Top Draw turns a keg into a oxygen controlled superhero, then allows you to crash chill in the keg, completely eliminating suck back. With Top Draw you now have the least expensive Bright Tank on the market! Least I forget it will help with clearer beer if you ever travel with your keg. I purchased 3 but will be changing out most of my kegs to Top Draw!!!!

Saved my bacon!!

Review by BrewBoss302 on 5/25/2019

Best invention since sliced bread. I brewed a dbl. NEIPA which was a hazy brew (over 1-lbs of hops). As the NEIPA chilled the micro-fine sediment clogged the take-up tube and the poppet-total clog! I installed the Top Draw with 1/2 keg (sani everything) and the party continued. The ball float ensures that only the clearest brew is dispensed. +5-stars! You won't be disappointed-CHEERS!