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Seems to work

Review by Alex on 4/1/2019

The ball is smaller than it looks. I have used this only once in a 5gal keg with just beer. Poured it fine from start to finish. Time will tell. I only wish the S/H charge wasn't 50% of the cost.

So Far, So Good

Review by Albert on 4/16/2019

I love hoppy beers and there is nothing more frustrating than to get a clogged dip tube, plugged poppet or even a gunked up faucet (particularly a flow-control one). I shortened my dip tubes to try and prevent this, but still had problems with particularly hoppy beers or ones I naturally carbonated in the keg. I saw other floating dip tubes, but they were too expensive for me. When I discovered these for under $20, I thought I would give it a try. So far so good! It installed easily and did not change my routine for filling the keg from the beer out post or carbonating. When I made by first pour, I had no clogs and no sediment. It was just clear and clean! I will be curious to see how the rubber tubing holds ups, but that is cheap to replace when necessary. Overall, I am very happy I bought this. Now to save up to buy more!

Saved my bacon!!

Review by BrewBoss302 on 5/25/2019

Best invention since sliced bread. I brewed a dbl. NEIPA which was a hazy brew (over 1-lbs of hops). As the NEIPA chilled the micro-fine sediment clogged the take-up tube and the poppet-total clog! I installed the Top Draw with 1/2 keg (sani everything) and the party continued. The ball float ensures that only the clearest brew is dispensed. +5-stars! You won't be disappointed-CHEERS!

Good buy Excessive Oxygenation

Review by Trent A on 6/18/2019

With these new Top Draw dip tubes I can reduce the beers exposure to Oxygen when transferring, dry hop, and crash chill all in the keg, Top Draw turns a keg into a oxygen controlled superhero, then allows you to crash chill in the keg, completely eliminating suck back. With Top Draw you now have the least expensive Bright Tank on the market! Least I forget it will help with clearer beer if you ever travel with your keg. I purchased 3 but will be changing out most of my kegs to Top Draw!!!!

Love this!

Review by Michael Harper on 6/28/2019

I have been using this in a keg of NEIPA and it's been awesome. The NEIPA had 5 ounces of dry hops, and there's no way to completely siphon it without picking up some hops. Drawing from the top leaves everything but the haze in the bottom of the keg.

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