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Works well

Review by Scott L. on 2/27/2019

Easy to install (need a socket wrench). No more yeasty fiirst couple of pours. Works well.

simple but effective

Review by Andy on 3/3/2019

Does a great job! I have a batch in my keg with raspberry seeds that sank to the bottom but then go up my regular pickup tube and clog the poppet. This keeps the end of the pickup above the seeds and sediment so I don't have to worry about clogging anymore.

Works Great

Review by Clint on 3/7/2019

Just started kegging after 40 years of bottling So I was reading about sediment that forms in the keg as does in the bottle. This Top Draw seemed like a great idea. Its in my first keg of Fire in the Hole, and is doing what its supposed to do! Feel its a little pricier than it should be......But it is a new product and I sure it will come down in time......

Works Great!

Review by Dave on 3/25/2019

The first company to come out with these wanted $40 ea. and I was hesitant to spring for one. I picked up two of these at the intro price and now wish I'd bought 3 or 4 more. Saves money by not tossing the first couple of pours and gives you brighter beer more quickly.

Clear beer

Review by Jason on 3/25/2019

Works as described, pulls clean beer from the top.

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