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Rust Spots

Review by Chuck Mills on 12/21/2019

This unit works great except that after just two uses rust light rust spots appeared on the surface inside the pot. I assumed that the stainless steel with hold up better than that, very disappointed. I also think that a better spout option and larger capacity would be nice. William's Responds: The heater is made of 304 grade stainless, and will not rust. What you are seeing is small metal particles from manufacturing which can leave small rust dots if not cleaned off before first use. To remove these rust dots, scrub with a green scrubber sponge and they will not reappear.

Makes Sparging Easier

Review by CHUCK on 5/14/2020

The sparge water heater makes my all grain brewing a lot easier!

Simple and Effective

Review by Chris on 7/2/2020

Heats the water to the perfect sparging temp. That's all it does and all I want it to do. It wouldn't hurt to be able to connect a hose to the spigot, but that isn't enough to knock the rating down. I'm very happy overall as it saves me from babysitting a pot of water on the stove as well as the frustration when I forget about it until I see steam billowing out from under the lid.

A luxury item

Review by Wade on 11/20/2020

This is an entirely unnecessary luxury item, as a cheap kettle on a stove with a watchful eye will accomplish the same task... but this is mindless and easy! I am pressed for time, and this allows me to worry about one less thing every brew day. Could not be easier, just turn it on when you mash in and it’s good to go when the mash is done. My only knocks on it are that I feel for the price it should include a ball valve spout and an integrated thermometer.

Anything to Make Brewing Easier!

Review by Mike Kane on 6/22/2021

If I can stay in the garage while brewing that's a win! I love how you can just fill it, turn it on and forget about it. It's going to work well wth my M&B. Kind of bummed about no site glass, but it's really not needed, so in hindsight I'm happy the way it is.

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