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Counterflow Wort Chiller

Review by Edgar on 10/2/2017

First, if you are using a garden hose from an exterior hose bib, put a flow restrictor in front of the cold water in, so you don't rupture side wall of the chiller like I did. Williams stood behind the product so it really wasn't a big deal, just an inconvenience to me. Even with the chiller sidewall blown out, this chiller chilled my wort to yeast pitching temperature in less than 30 minutes. Works perfectly and efficiently, on my next batch I'm going to attempt to run the child wort directly to my fermenter instead of back into my brew kettle. I believe that one pass through will bring a boiling wort to less the 70 degrees, of course, that would depend on the temperature of your cold water.

Chiller works great

Review by Jon Sharrock on 9/1/2017

Have only brewed one batch so far but this brought my wort from 200 degrees to 76 in about 15 minutes. I had to rig up some stainless steel compression fittings, ball valve and in line thermometer to make it more convenient to use. Welds look good and no leaking.

Extremely great valued product!

Review by john on 9/1/2017

Eventhough I haven't used it yet, this is a very high quality made counterflow chiller that allows you to customize the fittings of your choice. At an affordable price I couldn't pass! I'm looking forward to using this with my upgrade to all grain brewing which I will be starting up this fall after my summer sabbatical.