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Review by Jack on 4/5/2020

Was very impressed at how this little thing chilled my beer. Wort came out at 68 deg. This was in March where the tap water is still pretty cool. I may have to do a ice bath as summer approaches.

First time

Review by terry vincent on 12/7/2019

I used to wait hours for the wort to cool down to yeast pitching temp. Today was the first time I every used any kind of chiller, 20 minutes after boil I was pitching yeast, so so happy with this product.

Great product at a great price

Review by Chris on 3/18/2019

For 22 years I’ve used an immersion chiller and I’m blown away at how much more efficient and quicker this counterflow chiller is. Wort leaves the kettle and enters this chiller at around 200-210 degrees Fahrenheit and leaves this chiller at 54 degrees. It takes around 15 minutes to gravity feed out of the brew pot through the ball valve. With the old immersion chiller I would usually loose patience after 20 minutes of chilling and dump the wort into the fermentor at around 80 degrees which is to warm. The cooling is painstakingly slow from 100 down to 70 with an immersion chiller but not with this counterflow ! It all happens in one pass through.

Good Chiller!

Review by Gustave R. on 4/3/2018

I was a little spoiled by my old 50' chiller as I had to slow down the wort flow through this 25' model to cool properly. Get the Q96 tubing kit and you'll be brewing immediately. Remember to sanitize before use and blow out the water if you're storing it in an unheated area in winter.

Counter flow review

Review by Ken on 1/24/2018

First time I've ever used a counter flow, AWESOME!!! The flow thru thermometer showed 70 degrees into the keg. So much faster and easier than immersion chiller.