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Piece of Cake

Review by Joel on 10/17/2017

I bought this hoping that it would make my brew day easier, quicker and cleaner. SPOT ON! I have only brewed one batch with this unit, however it is very nice and perfect for brewers like me. Be warned that it takes some time to heat up the mash and boil pot if you are used to using a propane heater. It took about 24 minutes to heat my mash to temperature and another 20 minutes to boil my wort. I would recommend this to anyone looking to brew 3-5 gallon batches and looking to simplifying. It would be nice to have a sight glass to make it easier hit your boil volumes.


Review by Carl Christian on 10/12/2017

Nice product came just as described and pictured. Just brewed my first batch a few days ago and was incredibly pleased as it made my brew day so much easier. I had previously used a three tier system with a typical metal mash tun fed by gravity. With the robobrew you you have both heating elements and a pump built in which makes makes things more compact and much simpler to use. This made hitting my target numbers real easy and for the first time they were textbook perfect. Looking forward to my second brew session this weekend.


Review by Johnk on 10/5/2017

Works great, just waiting for the new brew to finish so I can taste it!

Great bargain

Review by Justin on 9/29/2017

I have 2 batches with the Robobrew under my belt. Brew day was extremely easy. My only complaint so far is with the pins that hold the overflow pipe. They are barely soldered on and one broke off when I first assembled it. I fixed it by using a hose clamp. Construction may be on the flimsy side, but it is a great bargain for the price. It is far and away the cheapest way to go all-grain. Based on my experience so far, I would definitely buy it again.

Just protect it!

Review by Michael on 9/23/2017

I wished I had read the other reviews more carefully. Water does get everywhere and now I think my screen is bunk. It's reading in alien language now. But it works and it works very very well! Great system from going from 3 kettles into this little plug and play. Love it. Just PROTECT it from water on the bottom. 😢 William's Brewing Responds: If the screen does not come back on, contact us for warranty service. Contact by calling 800-759-6025 or email to service@williamsbrewing.com Thanks for your business!