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Great alternative to gas setup

Review by Chris on 10/24/2017

I've only used once but cut some time off brew day and hit all my marks perfectly. System is easy to setup, use and clean. Very happy with system. Gallon marks where off but not a big deal since I used buckets of known gallon marks for marsh and sparge water. Would not stop me from buying again. Overall I would recommend unit.

First brew

Review by Wayne on 10/23/2017

Just finished my first brew on the system; a Porter. The system is very convenient and easy to use. The comments about getting water all over are very true. If there was a small skirt between the brew kettle and the electronic base it would help divert any water spilled. I had a small boil over with the RoboBrew due to the fact my attention was split between the boil and other tasks. Removing the lid and turning the temperature down corrected the problem. The pump worked well during the mashing but be careful that the flow does not overrun the funnel. I adjusted to about ¼ open to make eliminate any overflows. The upper tube on the grain basket slides easily down on the inner tube. While trying to adjust the tube it slide down, popped the funnel off and I had to reach into the mash to retrieve the funnel. All these things may make it sound like I don’t like the system but I think I am going to enjoy this for a long time. It addresses my beer and engineering nerd needs very well.


Review by Jay B on 10/22/2017

like this product,ive been brewing close to 20 years and never really modernized from the igloo cooler mash and sparge setup. The pump recirculating the mash makes the wort clearer .takes a while to heat the water and to bring it to a boil,but if you have your old brewpot and burner you can preheat your strike water and sparge water to speed up the process. One thing to be carefull with is the little silicone gasket on the pump tube arm, it is easy to lose. I had to order a replacement the guy at Williams was very helpful. If you order Robobrew get a Robobrew valve seal (part # xo7) . For $3.50 its good insurance even if you don't lose it it will eventually wear out. all and all I'm pleased with robobrew and I think its a decent value.

Works great

Review by Mike on 10/18/2017

I’m happy with my purchase. First time brewing and Robobrew made things simple. Beer turned out great. Pair this with the fermentasaurus with pressure lid for closed transfers to serving kegs. Dry hopped in both fermenter and serving keg with amazing results. Careful with initial grains/water volume, as there is some dead space with the mashing screen. Will have to adjust this next time to get better utilization of the grains.


Review by Ryszard Rudol on 10/17/2017

So far, I did three batches This vessel is fairly compact but very powerful. My efficiency is around 80%. Makes a great beer for a fraction of the price of other systems available on the market. It will produce only, 5 gal batches but I don't mind to brew 2-3 times a month. It is very easy to operate and easy to clean. I gave only 4 stars because the temp probe is located at the bottom by the heating elements giving a slightly skewed measurement. When you brew, take the temp readings with the digital thermometer and note discrepancies from the digital display. Then it is easy to correct your desire temperatures. A little curve at the beginning but after a couple of brews you will have a good idea what the temp should be set to. In my opinion it is not worth to spend 2+ times more to get the similar equipment with more accurate temperature readings. Overall, I am very pleased with the system. I was skeptical before the purchase but it exceeded my expectations. Also, get a jacket.