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Robobrew w/pump

Review by Russ Pierce on 1/15/2018

Great value for the money. My first brew was a coffee porter and everything went well and the system worked as expected. It did take some time to get to a rolling boil but once there it maintained it well. A couple observations - hard to know the volume when draining the grain. the jacket accessory may help retain heat better which I ordered. The top screen with the gasket does not fit the malt pipe very well, I’m unsure if maybe my malt pipe is bent? After the first brew I installed a screen mesh filter to the drain under the false bottom because a good amount of grain flowed through. I also used a mesh bag for my hops so it did not clog the filter. Overall I’m pleased with the unit and the ease of brewing electric.

Poor Quality Control

Review by Chad on 1/10/2018

The malt pipe was warped/flat on the welded seam due to poor manufacturing and lack of quality control. The warp was so severe that it is preventing me from installing the top screen. Additionally, the lid does not fit on the main unit without having to use excessive force and pushing down on opposite sides at once because the unit is a little warped. I don't use excessive force and just leave the lid laying on top of the unit during brewing out of fear of it slipping and splashing boiling water on myself. Not sure why a Keg King would ship a product without first ensuring all the pieces fit together. Williams Brewing did send me a replacement malt pipe, so thank goodness for their GREAT customer service. I would not recommend this product to other customers.

Love my Robobrew

Review by Clint on 1/10/2018

So nice having the built in pump. Works well and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Keg King's and Williams for the great product.

Makes Brewing Easier

Review by Tim Foote on 1/9/2018

Love this pot, used once so far. Happy to revisit review in a few months only if I experience any issues or problems. Bought scratch & dent because of availability issues, makes no impact in the performance of pot

Very good unit

Review by Richard T Davies on 11/15/2017

I'm pleased with the overall performance of my RobBrew. I had a leak on the elbow that comes off the pump that transfers the Wort to the recirculating arm. I fixed it with a $1.00 washer from Ace Hardware. Took a few tries to find one that worked but so far so good. Definitely an excellent buy for the money.