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So far, so good!

Review by Jon on 4/4/2018

My unit arrived safely and showed none of the damage I've seen on other people's units. I cleaned it up and just brewed my first batch on the Robobrew this past weekend, and ran into no issues whatsoever (except that I definitely don't have a hose connection in my apartment like I thought I did, so I need to make a trip to the hardware store).


Review by Rich on 4/4/2018

Great product, got one brew day under my belt and it went fantastic. Very efficient, very easy to use and very easy clean up.

Solid all-in-one

Review by Kip on 2/19/2018

I have only brewed 2 beers with this but it has been a pure joy! Very easy to run and use, since the sparge arm has a ball valve you can adjust sparging flow rates. Easy to clean as well since after initial scrub down you can run a PBW solution through it! More sturdy than expected. Note: if you do NOT use the RIMS feature the temperature is at the bottom, not in the center of your mash, either use a separate thermometer for your mash or set temp 2 degrees highers than target.


Review by Paul on 1/24/2018

I came from a brew-in-a-bag set up doing everything out of one vessel. Brew days were long, clean up was tedious, etc. My efficiency prior to the this purchase was very consistent at about 75%. My first brew on this system is gave me 80% efficiency, and my brew time was drastically reduced. I was cleaned up and enjoying a victory beer in 4 hours! The pump is fantastic for mashing and cooling. So far I am extremely happy with the purchase. I brew indoors now and brewing is much more fun than it is work now. I need more fermentation vessels! Note: learn the system before you brew. Do a couple dry runs with it. The temp difference will be about 4 degrees F off from top to bottom of vessel. And keep a set of needle-nose pliers on hand for brew day. The malt pipe extension can be tricky to center and to set on the conical machined fitting on top of the mash screen. Other than that, this unit is the absolute best value and investment I have made in brewing to date! Cheers!


Review by C. Fincher on 1/23/2018

I bought the scratch and dent sale Robobrew. I have had a couple email conversations with Williams Brewing and found that they are quick to respond too. I would highly recommend Williams Brewing and love the convienience of my new Robobrew.