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Good Unit for Brewing

Review by Mike on 5/14/2018

Received unit a while back. Mostly a very good unit. First brew went great. Good flow with using the pump system. Second one not so much. Had issues with the mash pipe screens clogging up during mash. Maybe not such a big deal, but when the temp in lower area says 150F, the mash was only at 140F (i.e., I couldn't get the warmer water on the bottom to mix with the mash and raise the temp). Trying to get to 170F was a nightmare. Only one other issue. The chiller they give is useless if you want to brew a smaller (~3 gallon) batch as only the bottom two or so coils get submerged in the wort.

I little hiccup at first but this thing rocks

Review by Pat on 5/6/2018

I set this up out of the box for a dry run and cleaning and had no power to the control panel. These guys took it back, fixed it( unplugged ribbon wire) and had it back to me in 4 days. First brew was a Farmhouse with 12 pounds of grain including oats and flaked wheat. The multiple screens kept gunk out of the pump. I used the recirc during the last 40 minutes of a 60 minute mash ..I used the pump to run through my counter flow and was at 70 in the fermenter in 20 minutes. I was able to brew in my kitchen while it snowed. That makes this even better.

Will help produce better beer!!

Review by Chris on 4/20/2018

Absolutely love the Robobrew! It is user friendly and helps me hit mash temps every time. Heats water to strike and boiling temps much quicker than I anticipated. Excited to use the Robobrew, and I believe it will help me learn to create better beer.... and who doesn’t want that?!?!?!

Great New Brew Kettle

Review by Seth G on 4/17/2018

Really enjoy using this. Was using a grainfather before at a friends house and i feel for half the price this is an even higher quality product. The pump works better and the fittings and features exceed that of the grain father. The controls are easy to use and and the extra features such as handles on the glass lid and the kettle spout and false bottom really push it over the top. Thanks williams brewing for great customer service as well!

Better than expected

Review by Kevin on 4/14/2018

I bought this economical 120v for the convenience of being able to brew indoors during the brutal cold Wisconsin winters which seems to be never ending this season. After reading many reviews and comparing the pros and cons with going to 240V, I decided this would give the best bang for the buck buying through Williams brewing. I got this shipped very fast and received it via FedEx on a Saturday, brewed an all grain batch Sunday. I made a Dead Ringer All Grain with almost 13lbs of crushed grains and while it fit, I had to adjust by adding more water per pound as it was quite thick at first. Long story short, this thing did the trick. plenty of head space, easy to figure out and use, heats up relatively fast and even has an impressive boil maintained with just the 1000W element powered up. I experimented with both on and it can be quite vigorous with the 500W also on but not needed. The pump works nice too. No complaints and next I'm going to try just doing Extract. Use a hop screen!