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Review by Paul on 7/10/2018

I own the previous version of the Robobrew unit. I wanted to do a follow-up review, now that I've used the unit for multiple batches. I still really love this unit. It is easy to use and the price is great. I love the recirculation pump. It is nice to be able to use it for re-circulation during mashing and for cooling. The wort is very clear and te clean-up is very easy. This all makes my brew day go much faster. The only complaint I have is the amount of time it takes to get the water to temp. I use my old burner to get my mash water going and to heat my sparge water, which definitely saves me time. Using the full 1500 watts that the unit produces takes about 40 minutes to bring the wort to the boil, as opposed to about 15 minutes with my burner. Even with this timing, your brew day is still shorter, because of the convenience of using the unit. One last thing: I've had a couple of minor issues with the unit and the Williams support staff are superb. Great unit.

Robobrew V3 Review

Review by Charles on 6/17/2018

Got my V3 and did my first brew on it a few days ago. Made the mistake of doing a NEIPA for my first brew on this. Recipe had 1.5LB flaked oats which got a bit gummy. In the future I will use some rice hulls when doing a NEIPA. For what you pay it is a great package, however the US version is just too weak to do 5 gallon brews. I turned the temp all the way up to 250 degrees for the boil and it never got past 211.5 degrees. Running the pump to keep the temp even, and using the tubing to ensure there was no cooling via aeration, I was still never able to achieve a rolling boil. I dont see being able to do full volume biab brews on this system with a meager 1500W max output. If we could run the full 2400W like the EU, Im sure it would work. All the video demonstrations you see online that show a good rolling boil are EU version not the US versions. So please keep this in mind. I am giving this product a 3 and that is probably being generous. I may re-do my review after my next brew. William's Brewing Responds: The Robobrew was not designed to boil with the pump on. Make sure the pump is kept off when it is boiling, or when you are trying to reach a boil. Also make sure both the 500 and 1000 watt switches are on and lit up when you are coming to a boil. Any problems after trying this, please contact us at 800-759-6025, or email: service@williamsbrewing.com Thanks for your business!

I am going to love this thing

Review by Mark on 6/5/2018

I am really anticipating loving this thing. Unfortunately, as it first arrived, the pump worked intermittently and seemed to be getting air bound, though I don't know how. I contacted Williams Brewing and they suggested I open the pump and see if it was jammed with something from packing (and assured me this would not void my warranty). The pump looked fine inside, but when I re-assembled it, it worked fine for a short while and then quit in the middle of my first brew day. Grrr. The folks at Williams Brewing had a new pump out to me the next day. Since I have installed the new pump, I have not had any problems. Now I just have to get familiar with all my brew options. Good product. GREAT service from Williams Brewing!

Awesome unit.

Review by Marshall on 5/31/2018

I used this on Memorial day to make my first All Grain Brew. It heated the water for the Wort very quickly and effectively. It kept the mash at the right temperature with no problem and the pump the recirculate worked just great. Sparging seemed to go pretty well; as did the boil. I used the wort chiller by pumping the beer through it after packing in a cooler with ice. This worked like a champ. once cool and used the pump to get the Wort into the fermenter. Easy. Clean up was pretty simple. Dumped it out, rinsed it out. boiled four gallons of water and recirculated it through the chiller and pump for 15 minutes. then dumped and put away. Didn't see any Trub left anywhere. I will wash it and repeat prior to the next use. If you use the pump Like did I would use the lid and run the hose through the hole to keep the hose from falling out the unit. Very happy with the purchase.


Review by SMB on 5/14/2018

This is my first experience using an electric system. Setup was easy and links provided to online videos eliminates guess work. I like the recirculating pump and the all-in-one unit. Easy to clean and the immersion chiller provided works well. Recommend buying disconnects similar to the one provided for the pump. It takes a little longer to brew than propane but the timing features allow it to be used without having to watch it the whole time. This more than makes up for the extra 30-45 minutes. Probably can reduce the brew day further by setting the auto feature to warm the mash water in advance so you can start your brew day whenever you choose - haven't done this yet. I had an issue with the unit which was immediately corrected by the support staff. You can't go wrong doing business with Williams Brewing. Prices are good and support excellent.