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Nice equipment!

Review by Jeff on 1/13/2019

I recently purchased the Robobrew G3 because my increased interest in grain brewing. I had been using a brew bag on the stove top watching carefully to not over or under shoot my temperatures I needed to achieve maximum efficiency, my normal efficiency rate was around 52%. The first use of this unit gave me an efficiency of 76%, needless to say I’m very happy. Discarding grains and equipment cleanup is easier than cleaning extra buckets for mashing and sparging. You can even ferment in the same unit putting off the cleanup of the unit till another day! Yay!

Missing Part

Review by Kristen Orcutt on 1/13/2019

I am working on requesting a missing part for the Robobrew. My husband enjoyed making a batch the day after he got it but had to juryrig a hook/handle to pull the basket up. Besides the missing piece he is in love with it. William's Brewing Responds: Sorry about the missing handle, one is being sent out today.


Review by Gary S on 11/5/2018

First brew with the Robobrew went well. The pump system is great for a) keeping the wort circulating, b) chilling the wort, and c) transferring to the primary fermenter.

I like the Robo

Review by BMyrick on 11/5/2018

I had a little issue with the Robo that was first send out, but Williams and Robobrew fixed me up quickly, thanks quays. I have done two brews, a brown ale and a NEIPA , Robo preformed flawlessly. I am looking forward to many more brews on the Robo.

Robobrew gen 3

Review by Devin Giles on 7/24/2018

only one brew day so far on this machine but it was amazing. Boil was a very good rolling boil used with the brew jacket. All my efficiency's were on point and it delivered quickly and unharmed from Williams brewing. Williams brewing has been amazing with customer service and anything I have ever needed. The pump worked great while mashing in. i made sure to use a half lb of rice hulls with my blonde ale just in case. i wish this unit had a better heating element but regardless its still awesome!