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Very Good Product

Review by Andrew on 7/25/2017

I had been going back and forth on replacing my cooler/pot combo for a while and finally decided to go for it with the Robobrew. The unit is very good & I would give it 4 1/2 stars if I could. Quality construction and only needed a good cleaning out of the package. Shipping was fast and on time. Love the recirc and was surprised how useful the timer was. Here's where the Robobrew loses points. 1. The thermostat doesn't read the actual water/wort temps, but the liquid temp right next to the element housing. I found that my temps were consistently 10 degrees lower than the reading on the screen. After adjusting for that, the brew day went smoothly. I talked to Bill at William's and he responded to my questions quickly and explained that I should take temps out of the recirc pipe instead of trusting the screen. I can do that. 2. You definitely need a reflectix jacket. It will take some time to get to boil temps without it. Cost $10 at HD to make. All in all, very good product!


Review by Jay on 7/8/2017

I brewed my first beer in it last weekend. The process was pretty simple, the beer smelled awesome, and the recirculation pump worked well. I used brewers friend to calculate the water. Overall this is a great new piece of brewing equipment.

Awesome Brewery

Review by Tab on 6/27/2017

Well I guess I was the lucky one. I had to run a die over the small tube to finish cutting the threads so it would screw into the screen, not a problem though. Continued putting together and found the malt tube handle to long. I could not remove the handle with the malt tube inserted, just took it to the good ole grinder and shaved off some material off the ends, not a problem though. Talked with Williams Brewing and Keg King about the problems, they've very responsive and looking into the problems. In conversations they found very few with this problems, I was just one of the lucky one of the draw. I give it a 5 because of the service and I love the Robobrew system.

Like Unit, needs better instructions

Review by Dj on 6/26/2017

I like the unit for convenience and ability to clean quickly but I wish it came with better directions on how to brew with it instead of just the set up. I got lucky and found a facebook group specifically for robobrewers which helped immensely. 1. MAKE AN INSULATING JACKET. use a yoga mat or car visor. Without one, my boil tops at 211. with one its 212.6. 2. The temp on the screen is temp at bottom of robobrew. Top temp is 6-8 degrees lower. Set temps higher to make up for it and use a top thermometer to verify top. 3. When recirculating, temp will drop significantly. Using 500W element will correct this but it takes time. Need to recirculate or your efficiency will be very low. 4. The timer you see on robobrew screen... is not a timer. Its a delayed start. 5. RICE HULLS ARE A ROBOBREWERS BEST FRIEND. Using these tips and joining the facebook group for robobrew users will help your efficiencyreach 65%-75% every time. Without these, you will be at 50% as I found out on my first brew.

Great product for the price

Review by Jesse on 6/25/2017

I was so excited to find this was being sold in the US just as I was about to buy a grainfather. It's half the price and does the job just as well as far as I can tell. Please be aware that with this price there were obviously shortcuts made. Inspect everything as I did find several metal shavings that needed to be cleaned off. You don't want these in the pump. Some parts don't fit well either but they are workable. The handle to raise the mash pipe is hard to get in and out. I have to put one end in and pull it up a bit to get the other end in. The top of the recirc pipe does not fit well either. I give it some pressure and it stays in place if you don't bump it but it should slide on and off the pipe easily. I am still happy with the purchase though. You get what you pay for and none of these things make it unusable.