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The RoboBrew Is the Best All In One Brewing Solution

Review by Chris on 8/31/2017

The robobrew beats the grainfather in my opinion, its simpler, cheaper and very durable, Parts are also much easier to get. Honestly why buy a grainfather you are paying over 1000 more for literally a Bluetooth box, to connect on your phone.

Great Device

Review by Ed on 8/18/2017

I love this product. Excellent for the experienced all grain brewer as well as those crossing over from extract brewing. My only issue is with the poorly written instructions. I found that there are some steps missing, such as having to remove the handle to stir the mash. Aside from this and the learning curve required to dial in the mash temperature, I absolutely recommend this product.

1st Brew Session Complete and a Success!

Review by Richard Davis on 8/17/2017

I did a lot of reviewing here and other sites plus you-tube videos prior to my purchase. It arrived as expected in good shape on 8/8/2017. I brewed on it 8/12/2017 and it went very well. The instructions could have been better, but having watched soooo many videos of others (especially cellar dwellers) I had a good idea on what to expect. It held a great boil here in Virginia as is. I have since wrapped with a camping mat and pipe insulation. Looking forward to my next brew session to see any differences with the insulation. All in all, a great unit for the money.

Almost there

Review by Brian on 8/14/2017

After brewing my first batch I have a few comments. First I was very thrilled with the price and the quality of the Robobrew. The unit worked well and the clean up was nice and easy. It is definitely nice using an all electric system which does keep the temperature more consistent during the mash out and boiling process. The temperature should monitored externally also as the probe doesn't really give and accurate reading on full temperature of the mash. The documentation was needs improvement so someone purchasing should try and find a group that has used the product to understand how to use the system. For example there is a timer on the system but no information on how to use it. One improvement would be a site glass to see how much wort is in the container while sparging. There are marking on the side but you need to keep lifting the basket to read it. I'm very happy with the purchase and hope this doesn't stop anyone from purchasing the unit.

Easiest brew day ever!!

Review by Joel H on 7/29/2017

Let me start this review with why I decided to buy the Robobrew. I work two jobs 7 days a week and my old 3 vessel two burner two Keggle one false bottom round cooler system with march pump has served me very well over the years. But it's too much to brew on a regular basis with very limited time especial with all the setup and cleanup needed. Plus if I brewed alone I was tired and sore at the end of the brew day which isn't good when your working the evening shift. Robo brew was super easy to set up, brew and cleanup. Everything about it make all grain brewing easy and worry free. Plus you never have to worry about the weather like my propane system. Also it's the cheapest easiest RIMS system you can buy hands down. It heats the strike water quick enough and holds mash temp perfect through the entire hour. Mash out was a snap and 80% efficiency is easily achieved as long as you have a proper crush. Boiling was easy as well. Robobrew is the cheapest best system hands down!!!!