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Review by Jay on 9/11/2017

The product works so good for me I'll never go back to the pots and buckets. My 7 year old was getting involved like a mad hatter! The metal SS gauge is a little thin but SS is pricey and a unit that someone I feel is being overly generous with the blessing of selling it at half the cost of the other all in competitor unit, well it's generous! It's Australian and when you open the box you don't have that Chinese-ium smell. It no good instructions but your smart enough to brew you should be able to inter-web this stuff. I do recommend protecting your investment and do a few things, "water will get EVERYWHERE (AVE)" so get on the gargler and search for a couple of things. I noticed while apart the Mfr used old PCB boards and circuits & electronic components, that's NOT a bad thing cause if your a brain you could fix it yourself if it broke-(slightly advanced skill). -conformal coating spray, (clear, for PC or PCB boards) spray it on the board -kapton tape (H temp tape make a roof!) William's Brewing Responds: Good detail in your review, although we need to clarify that the Robobrew is manufactured in China for Keg King, an Australian company.

It's GeerATE! Goin from buckets and pots, Wonderful devise!

Review by Jason on 9/11/2017

It's great going from SS-pots and buckets for 22 years 40s year old dude.-USE CAUTION! it will dent and bend easily!-From a professional non-brew other field tradesman this product will dent easily as it's very thin gauge SS, also none of the edges are broken! Meaning they are sharp and will cut you. Get a metal file round and flat and take care of them. It will help you learn the equp, better. I would also suggest taking it apart and learning the bottom half where things are that you don't want to get wet guard and take care go slow brewing, it does the work just don't be complacent. Here's another way to put it, how many hours did it take you to earn $480.00. (1 Hr = x$$) -It's a good little machine don't rush!, I did the Williams Black Grizzle Party Crasher I.P.A in it and it took some time to get the mash wet and going extra water than recipe stated and sparging too. = 1 gal extra mash and 2 gals sparge. It took a long time, Grizzlies are big! This one wears a black bear costume;)

Buy it now

Review by James Gray on 9/2/2017

This thing is so easy to use and so much faster. I had a 3 kettle HERMS setup, this thing blows it out of the water. Made my first beer on it today which was a gose. My numbers were spot on according to Beer Smith.

Life just got easier!

Review by Carol on 9/1/2017

I had been saving my pennies for some time reviewing different electric all in one systems. It came down to the Grainfather and Robobrew. Although I've only brewed once, I love it! So easy, so light weight. Much easier than dragging all of the equipment out if the bar.

Makes great brew

Review by James Johnson on 9/1/2017

Since getting the RoboBrew we have cut at least two hours off our brew time. In addition, at least to me, the beer seems better than when we mashed in the cooler. The only thing I can think of that could be improved on is that when sparging the level markers are hard to see with the grain basket in the raised position. We use a flash light and look through the small space between the basket and the boiler, at our age we don't see all that well even with glasses.