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It's a great little machine with a learning curve

Review by Jacob on 2/26/2020

After 4 brews I think I figured it out 1) never run the recirculating pump at full speed with grain in the basket 2) always allow the grain to sit for 10-15 minutes prior to starting the pump 3) The moment you pull the basket to start a sparge, kick the heat to boil 4) dont use the fine mesh screen unless your malted grain was crushed a little coarser than usual The heat up times are a bit slow so buy the jacket for sure. With the jacket in my 30 degree garage I finished a brew in 6 hours. Average times are 4-6 hours per brew day Use a gfci

Still pretty new, but after two brew days...

Review by Jim Coleman on 11/2/2019

So my two brew days so far have been uneventful. My first recipe was a honey Kölsch pre made all grain kit. The OG was to be 1.048 at 75% efficiency per the kit. My OG was 1.058. So far samples pulled as I enter secondary fermentation are excellent. This is going to be a good one. The second kit, hefeweizen, also made it to the fermenter with no hitch and above predicted OG. I think the recirculating pump really helps mash efficiency. I also like that I can use the pump to move to fermenter after boil. Things that could be better would include controls at bottom of device. If I elevate to make it easier to see and access, then it gets sketchy lifting the mash to Sparge (need step stool). The grainfather looked better in this regard. I don’t really miss the Bluetooth features and I certainly do not miss the price difference.

Great for newbies

Review by Mike on 8/18/2019

If you have never brewed before, this would be a great start. Easy to use and comes complete.

Brewzilla 3.1

Review by BOYD on 8/17/2019

I gotta say, this Brewzilla does not disappoint. 20 years as an extract brewer, and I just started all grain brewing last year. I really think this piece of equipment has cut my brewing time in half. I had a bit of an issue with the first one I ordered, but the staff of Williams Brewing took great care of me! I am a customer for life. :) I like the fact that I can program a start time to heat up my water so I am ready to go when I want to brew. Did a test brew this last weekend and everything went great. Looking forward to brewing more often!

All grain for an extract brewer

Review by Eric Peterson on 8/6/2019

20 years of extract brewing, finally decided to try Robobrew with 10.5 lbs grain and a brown ale recipe. Checked water volumes beforehand, adjusted accordingly (uniformly low approx. 2 qts/ 2 l). Pre-heat: great! Mash-in: clogged the recirc pump when trying to hydrate the grains; cleared in 30 sec with a bit of lung work! Mash temp held well with neoprene jacket; as advertised, bottom temp 2-4 deg F off wort above upper screen. Recirc slow, overflowed into siphon a bit—don’t forget, small diameter end fits atop the siphon tube! Sparging: very slow, but I have nothing to compare as an extract brewer—25-30 min. Approx. 35 min to boil with both elements on. Held the boil well; 2 oz hops w/o bag or spider gave no run off clogging—might hesitate to hop more w/o one or the other. Clean up-really my only complaint: nothing in instructions or on the .au website/blog. All in all, very easy to use, well made, easy to assemble, and a reasonably priced entry to all grain! Enjoy