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13.2 Gallon Kegland Kegmenter

Review by rob on 10/5/2020

I'm really happy with the kegmenter. I bought the 13.2G version so that I could ferment 10 gallons at a time. I currently have a 5G system, but I am thinking about moving up to 10. My last brew day, I decided to double my batch and did back-to-back mashes. I was able to ferment ~11G under pressure for the first time. It was a hazy DIPA and it turned out great. Pros: - ferment under pressure - closed transfer to serving kegs - Stainless Steel lasts forever and easy to clean - versatile. I plan to purchase the Still adaptor and make some er-um- hand sanitizer. Cons: - the biggest complaint that I have with this is that the Gas and Liquid ports are not marked. - I ended up having a bad gasket. Luckily my LHBS had one, so that didn't turn into too big of an issue Would I recommend/purchase again? yes.

Do not buy this product

Review by John on 9/30/2020

If you are in the market for a fermenter with the ability to ferment and transfer under pressure, do not buy this product under any circumstances. The lid and o-ring are both defective. The o-ring that comes with the product is so flimsy that it can't hold pressure, but this was an easy fix by replacing it with a more thicker o-ring. However, the lid itself simply doesn't work. The liquid out post will not allow transfer of beer with the ball lock disconnect fully attached. Instead, I have to hold it down manually but not let it click into place in order to get any flow of beer into my serving keg. Seriously, do not buy this product. It does not work as intended. If I could return it I would, but the shipping is too expensive. It's basically just a keg with a 4 inch tri-clamp fitting because the lid itself is worthless. William's Responds: Sorry to hear of the problems with your kegmenter. Regarding the lid, we are not sure why the liquid out post does not allow the transfer of beer when the ball lock is down. This is a first for us. We are going to send you a new lid assembly which should solve the problem. Let us know if this works, or if you have any trouble with the new lid.

Well made

Review by Jeff Miles on 7/7/2020

The fermenter is well made and much easier to clean than sanke kegs that I had been previously using. I will likely get another in the near future. The still option is cool if that is what you are in to.

Dual use - great quality

Review by Tom C. on 2/11/2019

This works great as both a serving vessel as well as a fermentor. I bought a 4" to 1.5" tri-clamp reducer for a better blow-off valve. Works great!

Looks Great, Feels Great

Review by Kevin W. on 1/23/2018

The keg and welding is of high quality, I 10 gallons of NEIPA in right now carbonating... i’ll know I a couple of days how the keg held up to the carbonation task, and how well it dispenses? I will follow up! Cheers