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Nice Keg!

Review by Dennis on 12/17/2016

Just received my keg today and I must say I'm impressed. The lid assembly is top notch. Tri-Clover type sanitary fittings cannot be beat .... you know that this lid is going to seal tight without a doubt!

So far, very impressed!

Review by Mike on 7/24/2017

I am currently in the midst of my first batch with this fermentor but so far, I really couldn't be happier. For one thing, I know my beer is not being subjected to any light, so that makes me happy. Second, it is certainly airtight. The Tri-Clamp fittings at the top are top notch and secure. Thirdly, the top fittings allow me to take a sample of my creation anytime I want without fear of contaminating my brew! The only drawback is that once filled, this fermentor is heavy, and not very mobile. Make sure to have a helper assist in placing this guy wherever you are fermenting, and then leave it there until you transfer out of it!!! (Or start lifting REAL weights and not 12-16oz at a time....) I would highly recommend this if you are serious about fermenting good beer at home. Plus your friends will think you are pretty awesome too!

Looks Great, Feels Great

Review by Kevin W. on 1/23/2018

The keg and welding is of high quality, I 10 gallons of NEIPA in right now carbonating... i’ll know I a couple of days how the keg held up to the carbonation task, and how well it dispenses? I will follow up! Cheers

Dual use - great quality

Review by Tom C. on 2/11/2019

This works great as both a serving vessel as well as a fermentor. I bought a 4" to 1.5" tri-clamp reducer for a better blow-off valve. Works great!

Well made

Review by Jeff Miles on 7/7/2020

The fermenter is well made and much easier to clean than sanke kegs that I had been previously using. I will likely get another in the near future. The still option is cool if that is what you are in to.

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