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Much easier than my old method.

Review by Robert Williams on 8/29/2017

Works as expected just have to make adjustements to the recipes and adjust my Beersmith information. Added a external pump and connected to the tap spigot, using the tap to adjust flow back to the wort. Have a screen on the top of the mash and my hose from the pump just reirculates it back. Have not yet done any calculations on the mash efficency, and still sorting out the sparging process.

Great system

Review by Travis on 8/16/2017

I'm an experienced home brewer that was looking to brew indoors when the weather wasn't ideal and this little unit did the trick. I've got two brews with the mash and boil and have been very pleased. It has a nice rolling boil and the delayed start allows me to wake up with my strike water already at mash in temp. Just remember that when mashing the temperature that the unit reads is not the temp of the grains, but rather the temp of the liquid surrounding the mash pipe, and its this liquid that keeps the mash/grains at a steady temperature.

First All Grain

Review by CHUCK on 6/13/2017

I can use the Mash and Boil in the kitchen. It takes up little space. It's easy to use and clean. What a great deal for $299!

Great Product

Review by Pat on 6/3/2017

My first all grain batch is going great. Excellent product! Probably couldn't afford to go all grain otherwise.

Can't wait to brew again!

Review by William on 5/30/2017

I live in an apartment and don't have much space for brewing but this unit allows me to do 5 gallon all grain in my kitchen. The single unit saves valuable space in my kitchen. Plus the timer on it saves time. Waking up to water already at 165 saved me so much time on brew day. Wake up, dump in the grains, and then finish waking up until the mash finished. I can't wait for my next brew day!