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All grain All-in-One

Review by T. Cook on 9/7/2017

I had brewed over 300 gallons of extract kits and was looking to get into the All grain game. This was my first attempt using the Brewer's Edge system. Turns out I made one of the best IPA's I've ever tasted! One down side is the variance of the temperature range. You need to stay on top of it to keep it in a smaller margin either boosting the larger heating unit to increase temp or recirculating with a large Pyrex container to cool down. A large stainless steel paddler helps some in the cooling process. Overall I am happy with the purchase and so are my friends that drink beer!

A very good unit for the money

Review by Don on 9/7/2017

I've done 4 batches now with the Mash&Boil and it works very good and seems to have good efficiency, I use .30 strike water per LB of grain. Temps do seem to fluctuate a little more then I would like to see but doesn't seem to matter and I have a pump on it now and can recirculate a few times during the mash. My biggest complaint on it is where the reset is located on the bottom. It's mostly impossible to get to when full of hot wort., but I corrected that by having a access hole in the bottom of the cart I have it on, and it only tripped once the first time I used it and know why and was my fault. I've made some really good beer so far with this and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to go from extract to AG or any other system for that matter. It's a lot like BIAB but in my opinion a lot easier.

Very good machine

Review by Matt on 9/14/2017

I had a problem with the mash and boil at first..the gasket was a little chewed up and it leaked..i contacted williams they said they would send me a replacement at no charge..i got frustrated and decided to return...I am very glad i came to my senses..this think rocks and williams customer service is top notch..i brewed a stout and this thing boiled 6.5 gallons no problem, got good efficiency, and its very easy to use and holds temps pretty darn good and less gear to clean..i bet it would work even better with a pump..For 300 bucks you cant beat it..thank god i did not return it


Review by John Nichols on 10/18/2017

Unpacked the unit and added water to learn how to use it. A leak, had to tighten up on the valve, was not tight. After that no problem. The day before brew day, filled the unit set the timer and strike temperature. The next day when I went out into the garage everything was ready to go. No problems. But when I tried using my March Pump and pumping the hot wort through my plate chiller, it plugged up. Have to try something else. Maybe let the wort sit longer, up to an hour Next time I'll pump the hot wort into my brew kettle which has a screen and the valve sits higher off the bottom. Then pump through my plate chiller. I think if the valve on this unit was a little higher off the bottom, it would work better. Outside of my plate chiller plugging up, the unit worked well, my brew day went off with less work. I think I'll be brewing more as the Mash & Boil takes a lot of work out of all grain brewing and less clean up.

Revolutionizes getting in to all grain

Review by Justin C on 11/2/2017

Just did a Pliny clone in the brewers edge mash and boil. I've been brewing on various systems and I also have a 50 amp electric brewery I usually brew on. After having a baby, I needed to find a way to get my brewing done while spending time with the fam. This thing fits that bill. I wish I would have had a system like this when starting all grain. Simple, effective, cheap. The pliny clone I did, went without a hitch. Now considering getting a second one to do some parallel brewing!

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