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Much easier than my old method.

Review by Robert Williams on 8/29/2017

Works as expected just have to make adjustements to the recipes and adjust my Beersmith information. Added a external pump and connected to the tap spigot, using the tap to adjust flow back to the wort. Have a screen on the top of the mash and my hose from the pump just reirculates it back. Have not yet done any calculations on the mash efficency, and still sorting out the sparging process.

Mash n boil works

Review by Morgan Shaw on 9/6/2017

I like the fact that I can preheat my water with the timer function. It's a great size fits under my counter and I don't need propane! It also remains safe to touch so you don't get burned. I wish the lid had clamps if it did I'd give it 5 stars.

Mash and brew

Review by Steve Adams on 9/6/2017

Overall very happy with the unit. Only things I would like to see is a recirculating upgrade. Minor issue using LME, but I have switched to all grain now so it is not an issue. Very well built, great value!

Home brewer

Review by Jerry Young on 9/7/2017

I was just thinking of contacting you about my mash and boil, I got the new catalog the other day and the new ones can be converted to a still but not the older ones, is there any way to convert the older ones to accept this upgrade? you never know WTSHTF you may have to distill water to survive, I do have to say I love my mash and boil, I've been experimenting with all grain beer coming up with my own recipes and the mash and boil works great, my family and friends seem to enjoy my experiments, the mash and boil is a great product at a good price. Quick Answer from William's: The new distilling lid will fit the previous edition Mash & Boil, but the previous edition Mash & Boil lacks clips to secure it tightly down. So my quick answer would be no, although if you found a way to clamp down the lid without clamps, it would certainly work.

Mash & Boil

Review by Edgar on 9/7/2017

I really like the unit, the first one I got had some weirdness that it seems couldn't be reproduced back at the lab, but this unit works flawlessly. It maintains temp during the mash much better then I could with my picnic cooler. Once mash is completed rolling the temp to boiling is easy and efficient. I have a recirculation pump and connections so my next improvement will be an actual wart cooler. I have a DIY cooler but its not as efficient as the mash and boil so I will be upgrading.

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