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Great Product

Review by Bob on 6/13/2018

I have been home brewing off and on for 15 years,and have been looking for a faster easier way to make beer. I have now found it. Ordered the Mash and Boil on a Monday and received the order on Wednesday. Nothing missing from the order and everything was very well packed. The included instruction booklet was well written and easy to follow. Sparged 13 lb of grains in it, with zero problems. Water came up to temp. full boil in less than 40 min. and held the set temperature within 2 degrees. Clean up went really fast, rinsed out and scrubbed the pot. Dried it out and next week will do another batch and let it ferment in the Brew and Boil with the distilling lid on it. Highly recommend the Mash and Boil.

Makes me love brewing again

Review by Bryan on 4/23/2018

Background: I've been continuously brewing for 16+ years almost always all-grain, LP, and 5-40 gallons. I decided to go all electric so I can brew inside and also not have to worry about how much propane I had on hand. Being close to a faucet with hot water helps with cleanup. I've now completed 4 brews on this system (I paired the Mash and Boil with the GF HLT [L03] and a copper IC [E81]). I wired up a 20 (MLT) and 15 (HLT) amp circuit. I've made up to 6 gallon batches and been getting about 70% effic. Use is easy, and I love the timer aspect. Being able to wake up and have the strike water at temp is amazing! The temp swing on the thermometer is kinda wide. I also found you can't rely on it for measuring the chilling phase because, I hypothesize, the blanket of hop trub insulates the small thermowell (Said 70 was 55F). Also, for the best boil, set it to 129F. All in all, I love it and am glad I didn't buy anything (GF/RB) unnecessarily complex and expensive.

Jump In !

Review by Joe Whiting on 2/26/2018

As a long time extract and specialty grain home brewer it was inevitable that I would go into all grain but so many choices and so many steps. This machine worked like a charm the first time I used it. It simplifies and de-mistifies the process. Very reasonable price, quick service and a human voice at the other end of the phone. I can't wait to brew my next batch ! The only thing I would add is that the directions for the amount of sparge water is way off ( too low ) so just adjust until you get over the 5 gallon mark for the final boil. If you are as confused as I was about what system to try, I'll make the decision easy; get The Brewers Edge Mash & Boil, you won't be disappointed .

Good Extract to All-Grain Transition

Review by Chuck on 2/5/2018

After using extract and partial mashes for almost 20 years I finally took the plunge into the all-grain arena. This is an excellent way to do it, and I'm very happy with the purchase. I've only brewed one batch so far, but everything works as advertised. I brewed in the garage, which was about 50F, which pleased my wife because I'm finally out of the kitchen (at least for the hop's boil), and unit heated the water about the same as the stove. It took an hour, maybe two, longer. but I think the time was due to the all-grain procedure and not the unit. Mashing and sparging just takes longer, than extract, and I'm still figuring things out. I still have to heat up the sparge water, and of course use the kitchen sink, so I'm not totally out of the house. I got a hop leaf stuck in the valve, so I couldn't use it to drain the wort into the fermenter. I think I'll try putting the hops in a grain bag next time. Other than that the unit worked like a champ. I highly recommend it.


Review by Dean Kelly on 1/26/2018

I've had several setups, first stovetop-DM, then all-grain with a cooler mashtun on stovetop, then propane burner all-grain and finally this. It is definitely smaller than my previous setups (I still have components, I could still do a LARGE all-grain mash with my 10 gal cooler if needed) this thing takes the cake and makes brew day easy. The further I've gotten into brewing (about 3 years) the more honed my tastes have come and the less need I have had to make the "biggest baddest beer around". I have 4 taps I like to keep filled with great homebrew and having this helps immensely. It's compact, the sparge process is simple, no need for pumps just open the spigot at the bottom, fill a container and dump it up top. While I do recommend double-milling your grain it still makes a good batch without it. Transferring to the fermentor is a breeze! The delayed start is nice for days I have the forethought to use it, especially with a mini RO setup. I cannot recommend this thing enough.