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Review by Eric on 3/13/2017

The Mash & Boil was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I love that my whole system now fits on a small rolling cart. I don’t have a sparge water heater, so I started off by heating about 6.75 gallons in the Mash & Boil to 172 degrees, transferring 3.5 gallons to a cooler for sparging later. I added less than a quart of cold water to bring the rest down to mash temp. (It took about an hour and 20 minutes to heat 6.75 gallons from 55 degrees to 172, using an extra-large hoodie as a kettle jacket. Next time I'll set it to heat the water in advance). When mashing, you definitely want to pull wort from the bottom spigot and stir into the top as described in the Mash & Boil blog to maintain temperature at the top of the mash. I'm going to try adding a recirculating pump later. Set the temp to 218 while sparging and got a solid rolling boil in 30 min. Very satisfied with the Mash & Boil. Having an electric brewery with this kind of performance at this price is great!

Makes brewing great

Review by Pops on 3/31/2017

This is one fantastic product. So far I have done 2 brews with it. First was a blue moon clone and today a Maibock. The blue moon turned out fantastic and I chalk that up to the Brewers Edge. No doubt the Maibock will be good too. Great product. Give it a try.

Nice Value, but better packaging to avoid dents

Review by Pat on 4/3/2017

First it's a great unit and I believe it will be very popular amongst home brewers. It's a great value and works as advertised. The only problem I have is with the packaging. Mine arrived with a big crease that penetrated the inner of the dual walls. I was able to tap it out with a rubber mallet, but the outer crease remains. It appears to be only cosmetic. Williams offered to replace it, but I'm going to continue to use it for a bit and I'll just hang on to it, if there are no functional issues.

great product

Review by brad on 4/7/2017

well worth the money. i cant wait to brew with it again.showed up on time and well packaged.works like its supposed to.

Loving electric!

Review by Garrett on 4/18/2017

I'm so glad I made this purchase. No more babysitting a propane burner. Waking up to hot water is such a bonus!

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