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Much more relaxed brew day

Review by Geoffrey Mohn on 10/22/2021

I’m very happy with my M&B. It’s great to be able to set the timer and have the mash water all ready to go instead of having to wait for the gas burner to bring mash water to temperature. Also it’s great not to have to worry as much about boil over with an all grain brew. I use a DigiBoil for sparge water heating. Initially I had a problem with the correct amount of water to create a full 5 gallon keg of finished beer. Once I got the water amounts dialed in it’s been very consistent. I’ve brewed 7 batches so far. I’m happy with my choice!

I love it!

Review by Jim Clark on 3/30/2020

I love it!!! It works just as advertised. Made it so much easier to boil the mash and so much cleaner with the inner column. The temperature indicator leaves a bit to be desired.


Review by Chance Morehead on 2/25/2019

Mash temp jumps up to 170 when the thermostat is set at 150 customer service is terrible basically told me they where going to do nothing about it but put water in and seen if it would heat up even tho the problem comes in when your mashing not heating the water. Ruined two runs probably won't use this or recommend this product to anyone. Go with a competitor William's Brewing Responds: This unit was not purchased from William's. We asked you do a test by running the unit for 4 hours with water in it at your preset mash temperature to test the thermostat before returning it. This was not done. Without this information, we cannot tell if the thermostat is bad. We also offered you a prepaid return label so we could get it back here and fix it if the 4 hour test proved the thermostat was defective.


Review by AA on 12/28/2018

What a surprise, the BEMB 3 brews in has been a dream easy setup easy clean I BIAB and couldn’t be happier with the ease of use

Mash & boil

Review by Mitch on 12/25/2018

Grains had trouble straining. Temp fluctuates a 5 degrees either way. Solid product easy for cleanup. Recommend a pump for circulation.