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Dry Run

Review by Jimmy on 2/10/2017

Here's the initial run times with only water. 4:25pm 62* starting water, 6.5 gallons 5:33pm 164* temp hit and turned temp up to 220*. *An hour to get to temp, not impressive but it would give you time to get the grain crushed while waiting. 6:15pm Sitting at 215* and holding. *Boil is better than I thought. Hour boil-off rate was .5 gallon ( I'm used to 1.5 gallons ). I'm satisfied with this. I don't think I will miss trying to get the grain out of the water cooler and into a bag without making a mess. Here is what I wanted to see, what the boil actually looked like. Copy and Paste the link to see my boil, should quell any concerns. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgnTVvRCSXf_hYkmbLtVPLHvoTUcDw

First run

Review by Skidmarks on 2/18/2017

My first run I decided to go big and mashed 14 lbs of grain. I went with 4.5 gallons strike water. Set my temp for 166 F. Once I reached temp (about an hr) I began introducing crushed grain but at a slow rate. It got pretty dry fast. I had to pull wort off the bottom 4-5 times to get all the grain in. I did notice a rather large temp difference from bottom to top of mash, about 4-6 deg. It is a fairly small diameter to be mashing that much grain for sure. Boil temp was reached in about an hour. I set it for 214 but it never really hit a rolling boil. The biggest problem I had is at end of boil I killed the heat and threw in my wort chiller. I recirculate Ice water until cool. It seemed like the pot never fully shut off. I couldnt get below 105. All my ice melted after 30 min of trying to cool down. I shut the thermostat off I did not have the master power switch off, so I hope this was the problem. The jury is still out but I made a few mistakes. Ill try a smaller beer next brew day


William's Brewing Responds: To kill the heat turn the thermostat to off. This way, the unit will not be trying to heat while you want to cool. Turning the master power switch to off should solve this.

Love it!!

Review by John on 2/27/2017

I have made 4 batches so far and it performed perfectly, Reached temps quickly and maintained them well! Incidentally, I ordered a Graincoat and turned it upside down! It fit perfectly!! I highly recommend this unit and will be using it over and over!! Love it!!!

Yay indoor brewing

Review by Jason Z on 3/1/2017

The unit arrived with a small crease in the outer metal due to either banding on a pallet or just lack of corner supports in the box. That did not affect the performance of this wonderful tower. The ability to preset your strike water is very helpful for weekday brewing after work. Make sure you follow instructions as it does not get a rigorous boil and does not boil off nearly as much as I thought it would. It was a nice gentle boil and did not seem in danger of a boil-over when adding hops or anything. Steam was not as big of an issue as I thought and I managed without a vent hood in my basement. Make sure you have proper chiller as my normal one could not sit on the bottom without submerging the input and output connections. Overall I was really happy to not be freezing my butt off in the garage during a Michigan winter.

Love It

Review by Jeremy B on 3/8/2017

I have used this twice within the first week that I have owned it. The simplicity of the controls is nice and it cuts down on the total time of brewing. So far I am very happy with it and I wish I would of bought this sooner

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