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Great Product

Review by Jeff on 1/30/2017

So I have been looking for a way to get into all grain brewing in my tiny apartment for a year. I couldn't afford the Grainfather on my grad school budget. This is the perfect solution. I have brewed twice and I am not disappointed. I have boiled six and half gallons of wort with no problems at an elevation only slightly above sea level. I added a layer of heat wrap from the home center to help reach boil temp faster. I paired this with the Mark II pump to recirculate. That setup gives me most of the functionality of a Grandfather at a bargain price.

Brewers Edge Mash & Boil

Review by Steve on 1/25/2017

I have use this unit several times and it does a great job. Before, I have to break the 5 gal all grain bill into two 5 gallon pots to handle the weight of the grain mash and monitor the temp. Now its an easy one step process up to siphoning into the primary. I set it up on an egg crate to flow into the primary to eliminate a beer pump. Does the same thing the Grainfather does, except its $600 cheaper. Cheers, Steve

Brewers edge mash and boil

Review by Kdonovan on 1/22/2017

I bought the Brewer's Edge to try and cut back on my brew times with a smaller footprint. I have brewed with it twice and it works as advertised and holds temperatures well. I use a pump to re-circulate my mash and then pump through a plate chiller after the boil. For a fraction of the cost of a grain father it can't be beat . I am cleaning just a fraction of what I am used to and have cut my brew times to under 4 hours.

Brewers Edge Mash and Boil

Review by Jim on 1/16/2017

Ok pro's: $500 less than grainfather. Compact size Easy to use fast cleanup Cons: No recirculation pump for sparging. Only holds 16# of grain so no big beers at 5 gallons of volume Holds temp spot on if you stir brew every once in a while. Very important while cooling after boil. (the temp sensor is on the bottom of the pot. No issues encountered in two brews. I like it very satisfied a replacement lid that made it a pot still would be epic. Shipping was fast

Great system so far!

Review by alan on 1/11/2017

I am just getting into all grain brewing and decided to give this a try, and I am glad I did. Just set the temps for mashing and boiling and it holds the temps where they need to be. It takes about 3 hours to complete your all grain wort and about an hour and a half for extract brewing with adding hot water to mash & boil tun. I would buy this again especially when you compare the price to the $900 grain father.