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It will save time, but

Review by Norm on 1/25/2023

First off, this unit saves me an hour during the brew day. Pros 1.) compact and will give a good low rolling boil at a temp. setting of 218F 2.) handles help allot when moving 3.) the double wall keeps me from burning myself 4.) The valve has a removable tip which is 1/2 NPT which I can attache a 1/2" pump line 5.) The hops spider hangs on the wire supports for the basket Cons a.) do not use the temp control for your mash it was off by 8+ deg for me = because of where it is located and no flow around it (you have been warned) b.) the double wall does very little for heat loss sadly as there is no insulation in between c.) they rolled the top lip of the basket inward, which catches allot of grain when you empty the basket =PIA For me this is a great unit to play around with, and maybe ware out some day, it will also help me with my final DIY design.

Mash & Boil

Review by Richard Wirt on 3/19/2022

My first batch was a breeze. Mashed, boiled and fermented. Saved time not having to transfer to a fermenter or siphon into my keg. I highly recommend this product.

Great All in One

Review by Wayne on 10/23/2021

I’ve had my Mash and Boil for over 2 years and brewed many batches with great success. You simply can’t beat this unit for the price. You simply have to experiment and know where your temps are in comparison with the built in thermometer. I’ve debated on spending more money for a more advanced unit, but decided this does everything that I want it to do and that’s make good beer without a lot of complicated gadgets!

Jump started our beer company

Review by Jaramillo Beer Company on 10/22/2021

This is an excellent all-in-one brewing machine. I have used it non-stop for over 3 years. Never had an issue with it. Always brewed really great tasting beers. Would highly recommend to any home brewer wanting to do full grain brewing.

Mash and Boil Review

Review by Ed Walkowski on 10/22/2021

1600 watt heating element burned out quickly and 1000 watt element is very slow to perform the given task. Replacement elements are not available I was told.