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Solid Appliance

Review by Joe T on 1/16/2020

My first kegerator. One keg of beer dispensing. This keg is a solid appliance. It is quiet while cooling. Keeps my beer perfect temperature which is important. The system is realativity easy to set up. Make sure the tubing is fully engaged and locked into connectors. The video instructions are adequate if you are mechanically inclined.

KegLand Series 4 Kegerator

Review by Ana M. Hernandez on 2/3/2020

When we first set up the kegerator, it would not maintain temperature. For 2 days in a row, it got up to 88 degrees. We were surprised it did not come with gas lines and we found working with the beverage lines difficult. The cost that we incurred for items needed, We were not prepared for the cost of the additional items we had to purchase. William's Brewing Responds: Sorry it was not as expected, you are correct, the gas and beverage lines are not included in the unit unless you also buy a tower with faucets (the lines comes with the tower and faucets). Let us know if your temperature issue is not resolved by calling 800-759-6025 or email service@williamsbrewing.com. Thanks for your business!

Nice Kegerator

Review by Eric Blume on 3/20/2020

I only had one issue when assembling this kegerator. I purchased the large castors that were optional. The front right castor (under the door hinge) interfered with floor pad. I removed the pad and it was held in with a non-removable stud on the hinge support bracket. The stud ran into the castor as it rotated around and jammed. I took my grinder and removed this stud and now all works flawlessly.

Awesome Kegerator

Review by RW on 4/23/2020

Ordering from William's couldn't be easier. The kegerator shipped from CA to NJ is just about 9 days (for free) not bad at all! The setup video provided on this site is spot-on and it couldn't have been easier. The DuoTight/John Guest fittings are a dream to work with and the included EVA Barrier tubing blows away the typical beer and gas line seen on other units. I opted for the three faucet model and I really love the Intertaps that come with the unit. I decided to add a 5 way gas manifold and 4 inline regulators so I can serve each keg at it's own pressure and one for force carbonation. All in all, great purchase that I hope will last for years to come!

Just what I wanted

Review by Andy on 5/11/2020

Fantastic. Much quieter than it sounds in the clips provided on this page. Temp does fluctuate a few degrees up and down from the set temperature, but overall not an issue. Very spacious inside. Easy to assemble and weight is very manageable to move around easily. The tower stays super cold with the cooling fan but does not profusely “sweat” because of it. The flow control is well worth adding on when you purchase it, as is the CO2 tank- hard to beat that price. 10/10, would buy it again and recommend it to any home brewer. Haven’t tried using it for cold crashing, but I have good faith it will handle that no problem when I put a 5 gallon brew in there.

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