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Keg King Mark 4

Review by Frank Gibson on 6/14/2018

Well received, easy install, Like the digital readout for the temp

Kegland 4 Kegerator

Review by Richard on 9/7/2018

Overall a very good product for the money. It does have a few minor annoyances. 1. Temperature wanders a bit, 4-5 degrees F. from set temperature. 2. No interior light. If used as fridge, or when trying to hook up kegs. it is hard to see inside. 3. Compressor is a bit on the noisy side, not too bad, but noticeable. I would definitely recommend this product for any home brewer.

Kegerator Still not working

Review by Paolo on 9/21/2018

I purchased this Kegerator about 5 weeks ago. It arrived on time and in good condition. With the use of the video it is not hard to put together. However my kegerator will not turn off. The temperature in the kegerator keeps dropping way below what the temp is set at and yet it keeps on running. Williams Brewing has been very receptive and have now shipped me 3 parts to replace. None fixed the problem. A new "Cold box" is now being shipped to me. It has been a PITA with it still not working. I have a keg in it and have to manually plug and unplug it. Hopefully it will start working soon. I would add that I do find it a little loud when running (even when the fan is off). It is louder than an old "dorm fridge" I was using to keep kegs cool. So my rating is on the product, not reflecting the good customer service that Williams Brewing has offered. William's Brewing Responds: We are totally stumped on this one, as you have replaced the main power board, control board, and thermistor and still the unit does not turn off. We do not know why this is. We have sent a new unit by truck at no charge, this should at last solve the problem. Thanks for your patience on this.

Very Happy

Review by Greg Saul on 10/15/2018

This was my first purchase of a Kegerator and couldn't be happier. It was easy to setup and get working. The shipping box lifts off the top of the kegerator for easy moving into place. I first didn't tighten down all the connections enough and had a gas leak. Then marked the nut on the regulator to get the full half turn and now I am enjoying my first draft homebrew after bottling for ever! Temp says within 2 degrees of the setting. So glad I finally stepped up to this system.


Review by Rich Youmans on 1/9/2019

Very attractive kegerator that has performed to expectations. Temperature control keeps beer to desired serving temperature. Looking forward to fermenting home brew in unit.

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