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Great Unit

Review by Shawn on 3/14/2018

Even though Williams wouldn’t send the unit to Canada, they worked with me to get it sent to a shipping outlet at the border for the cheap US flat rate. Got the Kegerator home and built it into my garage workbench (with proper side clearances as this is NOT a built in unit). Works and looks great and Williams is a great company to deal with. My only complaint is not with Williams but with Keg King themselves. I read other people posts on how they are impossible to get support from and low and behold it’s true. I have a secondary regulator that I’d like to screw into the inside of the fridge but I want to make sure there are no refrigerant lines in the potential locations. It’s been two weeks and they still haven’t answered either of the 2 emails I’ve sent. If anyone knows this info I’d still like to know but the lack of customer service from Keg King is definitely making me think twice about getting the Robobrew....Grainfather here I come!


Review by James on 3/21/2018

Thank you Williams Brewing for offering this great product. The Keg King Mark 4 Kegerator is AWESOME! Currently using it now as a fermentation chamber for a 5 gallon batch of chocolate stout. Definitely has inspired confidence in me to up my home brew game. Highly recommended! These Aussies got their sh!t together.

KegKing Dual Tap Kegerator

Review by Kenneth Kramer on 4/3/2018

Although it says it's made for homebrewers, nothing about this kegerator says that to me. Mine is noisy, making a variety of weird sounds so much so I had to move it further from the living room where the TV is. I was told that was normal. I like that the tower has a tube to move cool air up there, but the tower insulation is poor so the outside of the tower sweats up a storm. I really like the Intertap Faucets. I think for the price it's not a bad deal and I'm not sorry I got it. Know that it comes with no type of keg fittings so you must supply and the beer line is the tiniest you can buy so be prepared to deal with that.

Works very well

Review by Mark on 4/9/2018

I’m pretty happy with the Kegorator. I didn’t give it 5 stars, since it isn’t as stable temperature as might be ideal, but I’ve only had it a week or so. Temp does vary, but still within range- I did have the beer liquid line doing a few loops behind the keg, right by the heat exchanger. It froze the beer in it. So move it to the other side and there isn’t a problem. It is fairly quiet, looks nice and was easy to assemble. It will fit 3 Corny kegs (5gallons) I had a homemade one- it worked but only held one keg. This one is a LOT nicer and I can make more beer at once and store in the kegorator. Plus I could have two types tapped at once if I desired.

Exceeded Expectations

Review by Roger on 6/12/2018

I did the usual internet search and compared about every kegerator out there, including DIY kegerators and keezers. This kegerator won on features and was even better than expected. There is plenty of room inside. The compressor hump is confined to one corner and the door is flush without intruding shelves. The tower cooler is a must have. It works and prevents a massive amount of foaming on the first pour. There is a stainless steel bottom plate. Nice touch. I didn’t have to find a cutting board or cookie sheet to fit. The kegerator was well packed and arrived with no damage. Setup was easy. The controls are easy to use. The temperature remains steady...plus about 1 degree and minus about 2 degrees. I haven’t tried it as a fermentation chamber yet, but there is plenty of room for the fermenter and the rock steady temperature control should work well. Great looking kegerator. Priced right. Cheap shipping. Looking at total deliverd cost, this is a fantastic value.

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