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Weird Noises and Loud

Review by Gary on 9/15/2020

These kegerators (the Mark 4 version which I purchased) are annoyingly loud and make very strange noises. I'm also getting quite a bit of temperature fluctuation (+-8 degs). In retrospect wish I would have bought a different brand. No problems with Williams Brewing though, a first rate company.

Good but with some questions

Review by Nick on 10/22/2020

So far this kegerator has been working out, I’ve used it both to ferment and serve in. Keep in mind it does take awhile with multiple cycles to drop from say a 68 degree ferm temp to 34 degree serving, but I expected that. One thing that concerns me though, the temp reading when it gets within target range of your set temp it trips the compressor to get to work, that’s great and expected. However, since it’s a 2 degree bump each time, when it gets close to target temp and is rapidly moving back and forth this causes the compressor to kick on then off a couple times as it really hasn’t fully registered that the temp is over. I’m afraid this is going to burn out the capacitor or other parts of the kegerator. Is this expected Williams Brewing? Or do I have a defective unit that needs attention? William's Brewing Responds: The series X has a fairly tight differential which means the compressor shuts on and off a bit more than on the series 4. We believe this is not a problem as it has a more robust compressor than the older model.

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