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Great Kegerator for the HomeBrewer

Review by Phil Pawelski on 1/11/2017

I order my Mark 4 - 3 Tap kegerator and it arrived damaged. I called customer service at Williams Brewing and they were awesome to deal with. They re-shipped me a different kegerator right away and it didn't cost me anything! A+++ Thank You!

Great Kegerator!

Review by Anthony Wilson on 1/18/2017

This is by far the best value triple tap kegerator I have found. I was amazed that they would ship it at their low standard rate. It arrived a few days after ordering. It was fairly easy to assemble and it works great. It is better than my old kegerator and it cost a lot less.

Excellent value!

Review by I Brown on 1/31/2017

Holds 3 kegs easily with room to spare. A must have for homebrewers! Love it!

Great Purchase

Review by Miles on 3/1/2017

A little more set up and assembly time than I thought, but it works great. Not sure why I need such long beers lines. I installed a Co2 distributor. So far so good - no problems!

Fantastic setup

Review by Andrew Hanson on 3/10/2017

I really just took delivery of this and am loving it. One thing I would make clear to any would be buyers, if you have low profile cornys, 3 will most definitely not fit. I have 2 of the low profiles and it was a Tetris game to make them fit with one of my standard ones, but they're all in there and the door closes unobstructed. Bottom line, if you're looking for great value in a kegerator designed for home brewers with a lot of above average features, this is what you're looking for.

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