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Good but noisey

Review by Michael J Gonzalez on 3/20/2022

I'm a homebrewer and have almost exclusively bottled until now. My current living conditions now favor kegging. I've researched different brands for over a year and decided that the Kegland Series X checked off all the boxes for homebrewing and the reviews were very favorable. It is well thought out and looks good. I like the removable drip tray and the chilled draft tower. It rolls well on the supplied casters in the house, although the locks are hard to access. Documentation was sparse. Watch all the videos out there. The sides can get quite hot! Make sure to have plenty of room on either side. My biggest issue is the noise. The compressor seems to be very quiet, but after about a minute of running a whooshing sound starts. The whooshing sound is present until a few seconds after the compressor stops. Kinda sounds like a leaky window during a windstorm. It can be heard through most of the house. Most of the time I can kinda ignore it, but not always. I'd rate it 3.5 stars if I could.

Great Kegerator

Review by Michael on 12/6/2021

The kegerator arrived from Williams Brewing in great shape on on time. Assembly was easy and instructions for co2 and beer lines were excellent. The three taps are pushing 70/30 nitrogen and the beer pours like a Guinness. The kegerator works great and easily holds the four 5 gallon kegs. I really like the fan and hose cooling system for the tower. The first pour is always perfect.


Review by Al Coholic on 10/9/2021

Great kegerator, had a series 4 but the power board burned out. Replaced that with the X. Bought a series X replacement power board and swapped it with the series 4 bad one and the 4 is back up and running.


Review by Bob Bailey on 10/8/2021

Excellent machine. Has a lower cooling range than most. You really can get ice cold beer

Best Covid19 purchase

Review by Ken H on 10/8/2021

High quality, does require defrosting. Purchased this early on during the shutdown so that we could continue to enjoy our local breweries as well as support them. Great to have for parties and other get-togethers!