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Big Help

Review by Clem on 7/5/2018

I'm old and I didn't like grinding my malt using a drill I had a hook up problem which Williams solved for me have only used it once but it works great.

Nice product, great service

Review by Peter on 3/10/2020

Nice kit with all the parts you need for certain mills. As it states, it connects to a 10 or 12mm drive shaft. I have a Monster Mill with a 3/8 inch shaft, so had to get a different spider gear*. No problem. Got it all hooked up and working. When I first got it going the motor was under powered. I posted a review here with a poor rating. I got an email from Williams the next day to find out more. They thought I might have a faulty motor and sent out a replacement, which I had in a couple of days. Upon installing it, everything works great! It mills up grain easily and quickly, even when i threw some rye at it. *for reference, I used a TB Woods L050 spider I got from Grainger. This consists of: Jaw Coupling Hub, 12mm, Sintered Iron Jaw Coupling Hub, 3/8", Sintered Iron Jaw Coupling Insert, Buna N, L050

Crankandstein 2d + Maltmuncher grain mill motorizing kit

Review by James Lawrence Mueller on 11/12/2020

I was happy to find that this motor worked with the second hand Crankandstein 2d and base it came attached to. All I needed was a 3/8" jaw coupling hub from Grainger to attach to the smaller diameter driveshaft on the mill. I also raised the mill a few eights of an inch with some plywood so the driveshafts of the mill and motor were at the same height. The power button was easy enough to wire-up. I've only had a chance to crush one batch of grain so far but my days of wrestling a drill are over. I think it was well worth the investment.

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