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works as expected

Review by JMS on 5/22/2017

This was a simple installation. Just had to take a few minutes to make sure everything would line up correctly. Easily turns our mill to properly crush our grain. Definitely makes milling 200lbs for a batch much easier then having to use a drill.

owner, Canterbury Aleworks

Review by Steve Allman on 5/13/2017

good motor. slightly under powered for conditioned malt. shaft coupler set screws are poor connection as there is no keyway to prevent slippage. i drilled coupler and shafts and installed cotter pins.

Good Deal

Review by Till Guldimann on 8/26/2016

Works as advertised. Sturdy except for axle connector which is a little flimsy. Great switch box. Would be even better if it came with a speed controller.