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Review by Johnathon on 1/28/2014

Everything you need to get started. All works great. The IPA included in this set isn't fantastic. But its a good for a first go.

Wife ordered for Christmas, Best Kit out there!

Review by Dave on 2/1/2014

I am usually one of those people who research and shop for an item before I decided to purchase. When my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I knew I wanted to take brewing to the next level and began shopping for total complete equipment kits. After 2 weeks of searching almost every brewing company on the web, Williams had EVERYONE beat..not only by price, but by the amount of equipment and gear you get. The kit was absolutely excellent and the 40 quart (10 gallon) brew kettle was amazing. My wife, knowing I like hoppy beers, decided on the Triple Hopped Ale (K35) kit which was a total success. Although the kit literally has everything you need to start, I would advised on ordering several other items from Williams that will make your life easier. Get glass carboys, plenty of 3/8" and 1/2" tubing, spigot adapter, bottle fillers, wine thief and get some glasses to enjoy your beer. You CANNOT go wrong with this kit and I strongly recommend. I will ONLY shop with Williams!

Perfect kit for starting up

Review by Mark on 2/13/2014

The title says it all. This is a perfect set up for starting up your home brewing. Not to mention the American IPA that comes with this one is a great beer as made from the box...and...it's a good base for doing some hop experimenting. One caution: the spigots for the buckets are two piece. (I didn't notice this until I had an infected batch and started hunting for probable causes). One is the side that attaches to the bucket and the other has the actual spigot in it. You MUST disassemble and CLEAN these after each batch. It's not easy to take them apart and just a little easier to put them back together. If you don't clean these parts your beer WILL get an infection and taste like sweaty feet.

1st time brewer

Review by fabian on 4/17/2015

This kit is amazing! shipping was very fast, kit included everything i needed to start brewing as soon as my yeast was ready. screw on adapter for copper chiller worked perfectly. my beer (ipa with kit) is now fermenting and bubbling happily! the instructions included were terrific and i cant say enough good things about this kit, quality of the steel, 32 quart kettle as well as ferment buckets and rest of the items is great! its perfect for the 1st time brewers and im sure i will use it for many years! thank you very much to entire gang at williams brewing!

Great Starter Kit with Great Results!

Review by Stephen on 11/24/2015

I was new to beer making and this kit had everything I needed to get good beer the first time! This is not a cheap kit, everything is quality and made to last! Have fun!

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