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Great starter set

Review by Scott on 4/13/2013

Great starter set. Add item E36 (3/8" STAINLESS HOSE BARB) to attract a tube to the pot. Really enjoying it.

Great Kit

Review by Garret on 5/9/2013

This is a great collection of items to get started in homebrewing, at a very affordable price. The equipment is made from nice quality materials and I believe it should last for many years. After receiving this kit I added a few more items that make brewing/bottling easier (1/2" nipple for the brew pot, bottle filler, etc). The American IPA kit was easy to make, and is now in it's 2nd week of bottle conditioning. I hope it will taste great (the uncarbonated beer tasted great at bottling time). Overall this was the best kit that I could find that included a wort chiller, which in my opinion, is just as important as the kettle itself. Cooling the wort to pitching temps in 15-20 minutes is just fantastic. I also went with the 40L kettle mainly to help avoid boil overs. 3 batches in so far, o boilovers. Great kit.


Review by Tim on 7/30/2013

I just upgraded from the 2.5gallon Mr. Beer system to this 5gallon system. I brewed the American IPA to great reviews from friends and family. The Wort Chiller is a great value as well as huge time saver. The kettle held a steady boil without a single attempted boil over. All the equipment was easy to clean and sanitize. I definitely recommend this kit for someone looking to either start brewing, upgrade from a smaller system to a larger system, or someone looking for a kit at a great value for small pilot batches.

Great First Setup

Review by first timer on 10/17/2013

this came with everything I needed to start off. Recommended add ons were a wort strainer that screwed into the inside of kettle to keep out trub. Also an additional adapter that goes from the kettle to the fermenter was helpful. I purchased the sanitization starter kit bc the included brewers egde was not enough. The other items that were not recommended but I found helpful were an aerator and a bottle wand that both should be included and will make life easy. the included instructions are good but not updated. Great starter kit considering the price compared to other online sites. happy overall.

Excellent Started Kit

Review by William on 10/21/2013

This is a great started kit. Brewed my first batch two days after recieving it. Instructions were easy to follow, equipment easy to use. Finished product has yet to be tasted, will do so in about a week.

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