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complete kit

Review by jack on 1/22/2012

This is my first year of home brewing and I only have about 8 batches under my belt. I bought this outfit on a recommendation from a co-worker who has been brewing for about 5 years. I have used this kit for every batch I have brewed so far. I found the kit to be very complete with everything needed to get the job done. The spigots in the fermenting and priming pails are an excellent and useful design. When my son decided to start brewing I bought him the basic kit as I already had the things from this kit that the basic kit lacks. There will be other things you will want to buy as you start and continue brewing whether a burner, a specific type of sanitizer, refractometer and all the other necessary or nice-to-have things depending on if you continue with extract brewing or progress to partial or all-grain. However, with this kit you will not have to get any of those things until you are ready for them.

Full Home Brew Kit

Review by Kyle on 1/23/2012

Awesome kit, contains everything you need to get started including a quite informative easy to follow video. I especially like the siphon less design of the fermentor.

Not quite complete brewery

Review by Deb on 6/2/2012

Pros: I'm so glad I got the brew kettle and wort chiller. Love all of the siphonless features. The American IPA was good. I've gone on to make hoppier IPAs with my own recipes but learned a lot by first using the kits. Con: For my first batch, I couldn't transfer the wort from the brew kettle to the fermentor using the kettle valve because the kit didn't include the valve hose barb that you need to attach the transfer tubing. I made that purchase in my next order getting the 1/2 inch stainless valve hose barb and some tubing. What's the point of the valve without the barb and tubing?

Great way to start

Review by Jason on 11/1/2012

This was the first thing I ordered when I decided to give homebrewing a try. The kit had everything I needed and the beer was easy to brew by following the instructions. It has come out great tasting. I just started my second kit this week.

great start to home brewing

Review by Scott on 4/13/2013

This kit has what you need. After just boiling the wort and starting the primary fermentation, i was hooked. Gotta go with the 40 quart if you have the gas stove or outdoor burner. plenty of room to boil 6 gallons and not have to add water later. less risk of a boil over as well. wort chiller was fun to work with and such a convenience. great for a beginner, but beware of the addiction that comes with home brewing and this kit.

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