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Quality Kit

Review by Robert H. on 4/26/2009

Pros: Everything needed to brew your first batch of beer! The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a DVD demonstration that made brewing a breeze. The wort chiller is a must. Well worth the extra money - a very reasonable price compared to other brewery kits I've looked at online.

Cons: None yet.

Complete Brewery Is Great starter

Review by Pete W. on 4/29/2009

Pros: Everything a beginning homebrewer needs to make their first batch. I highly recommend going with the Complete Brewery for the wort chiller and brew kettle. Both items made the whole process very easy. I also like the siphonless fermenter. The included instructions are easy to follow and pretty much idiot proof. This is a great kit and I am thoroughly satisfied with the whole process. Now I just have to wait about 3 more weeks for the results! I can't wait that long...

Cons: I only have two complaints. First of all, one of the fermenters did not have the rubber cork for the lid, which the air lock goes in to. I may have misplaced it when opening the gab, but I could not find it in my house. Probably a simple oversight. Secondly, the yeast packs have two differing sets of instructions. One is by the pack manufacturer, Wyeast, the other a little orange sticker placed on by Williams, I'm assuming. The two sets of instructions were a little confusing. Wyeast instructions say allow at least 3 hours for activation, Williams said 1 to 7 days! I discovered that 3 hours was too short, probably closer to 6-7 hours.

Complete Brewery

Review by Allen J. on 5/8/2010

Pros: This was my first attempt at beer making and i found the kit to be very easy to use. Everything, except the bottles, are included. Directions simple to follow end product is very good.

Cons: Found nothing to be negative about.

Excellent Bew Kit

Review by Eric on 5/19/2011

Excellent product for the first-time brewer. The bag of malt was a little clumsy to work with and I ended up with a bit of a mess, but for my second batch I left the malt bag on the kitchen counter overnight to warm up slightly and had no problems. One thing that would make it better is a longer thermometer. With the size of the brew kettle and the amount of water used during the boiling, the thermometer doesn't reach the water when used with the clip provided. I've had to hold the thermometer in the water during cooling with the wort chiller (a definite need and worth the added cost). Not a major problem, just something that could be addressed.

Solid Equipment and Good Beer

Review by Eric (a different one) on 1/21/2012

This is a great kit as far as the equipment goes. I bought this for my first batch, and have discovered that the kettle (8 gal) is large enough to do a full boil, which is great, and the transfer valve works like a charm. The fermenting and priming buckets are high-quality, and it's good to have two for future batches when you want to rack to a secondary. I just finished my second batch and didn't siphon at all--the valves work very well. The guy at my homebrew store expresses some concern that the valves might be difficult to keep clean and to sanitize, so I'll have to see what happens with them over time. Wort chiller is a great investment. I will probably upgrade the hand capper to a stand capper at some point, but otherwise I see myself using all this equipment for a long time. The IPA is a good beer. It's not really hoppy enough to be an IPA, but it's a solid pale ale with some nice malt and subtle hops, and a great first beer. The ingredients are quality and easy to use.

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