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Great faucets

Review by Tony on 9/15/2017

I have 3 Intertap faucets that I have been using for about 7 months now. I've run several kegs though them with no issues--no leaks, no sticking, nothing. I love that Intertaps are the forward-sealing design similar to Perlicks but at a fraction of the cost. I also love how easy they are to disassemble for cleaning and that the faucets can easily be changed from a standard faucet to a stout faucet, to a growler filler, to a ball lock connection and back again with ease. These faucets can be whatever you need them to be and are well-built. The only "complaint" I have is that one of my faucets, just above the adapter threading, there was a curled metal burr about 0.5" long which was not removed during machining. I pulled it out before use and checked for rough areas (which I didn't find) and all was well. I will be purchasing an additional 3 of these faucets to complete my 6-tap keezer. Stop shopping and just buy these! You won't be disappointed! And Williams Brewing has the best price.

Love these taps!

Review by Dan on 9/17/2017

I've used a lot of taps over the years and the Intertap SS ones are nothing short of amazing. I have 5 of them currently and each one has worked flawlessly. I encourage anyone looking to buy taps or replace existing ones to give these a look.


Review by Paul Roberts on 11/27/2017

This was recommended by a friend and well worth the $$$.

Great faucet!

Review by Pete on 5/30/2018

Couldn't resist changing over my taps when these went on sale and also included Kleen Plugs. They operate very smoothly. Glad to finally make the switch to a forward-sealing faucet.

Nice piece of gear

Review by KGS on 9/29/2018

I paired this faucet with several other parts to make a keg beer faucet, and I won't go back to beer line and picnic taps. It's easier to maintain and the faucet is beautifully made.

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