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Great SS Faucet

Review by Scott on 1/5/2017

These Intertap faucets are definitely not your local drinking hole faucets. Built with the home brewer in mind. I love that I can switch out the nozzles for a nitro brew or filling up a growler. I have Perlicks but needed two more for my Keezer. About half the cost of Perlicks but more added features. Highly recommended...

Love it

Review by Mike on 2/21/2017

I purchased this faucet to replace a perlick cause I thought the removable tip was neat. I like this faucet much better than the perlick, both the perlick and this faucet work great, no sticking, no leaking, however this faucet feels better. Whenever you close a perlick it feels spongy, it feels like it might spring open again, although it never did. This faucet, when it closes, has a clunk that feels like it's never going to open again till you pull on it

Easy to Clean

Review by Ken on 2/23/2017

Awesome product. Easy to set up and clean. Great seal no leaks or loss of pressure. love the removable spout. I plan on buying more of these and the extras to go with it.

Pros and Cons

Review by Jeff on 2/27/2017

Alright, so I ordered 4 of these, and all the accessories - all of them. I already had to replace one because the faucet was actually warped - something went wrong in the mold or something, and the barrel of the faucet was distorted. Williams replaced it very quickly, but the new one keeps dripping. I'm giving it another day or two to see if it just needs to wear in a bit. The faucets are gorgeous, and the swappable tips is a great feature, but the gasket inside the tips isn't held in place, so it frequently falls out of the faucet when changing tips. The lever to which the handle attaches seems to have a lot of play - I can twist and even shift the handle side-to-side without the faucet (or shank) spinning at all. This has me a little nervous. Regarding the self-closing feature, it only works on very light tap handles (ie not the chromed branding-on-demand suckers I want to use) and even then, it's hit-or-miss. So, I like them, but I don't totally love them, at least not yet.

Great faucets at a great price

Review by Ernest on 8/4/2017

I have 6 of these faucets, 5 Perlick 630ss faucets, and a bunch of standard faucets in a bucket. I built my original keezer using the Perlick faucets. They have served me well for years. I built a second keezer with the Intertap faucets. These work very well at a much lower cost. I love the optional stout nozzle. I would have given these a 4.5 star rating if I could have but could not give them a 5 star rating for a few of reasons. First, they drip after finishing pouring a beer. This would not be a big deal except when I have one beer at night, I need to clean the drip tray. Second, the growler filler is a pain to use. It looked like a good idea, but when you replace the nozzle the washers tend to fall out. One of my taps came in with a leak. Williams sent me a repair kit and said they would replace the faucet if needed. This was great on their part. When I disassembled the faucet I found a small string stuck to one of the gaskets causing the leak. These are Still a great deal.

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