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Review by clem wolfe on 6/21/2016

I like intertap better than perlicks I have one thing happened you can help me with beer started foaming out where nozzle screws onto base couldn't stop it until I took faucet off inside base just above where nozzle screws on was a rubber like small mass removed it and doesn't foam anymore could this be something that belonged do plan to buy another one soon. William's Brewing Responds: We do not know what the rubber like mass would be, but are glad to hear it is now working fine.

Awesome taps

Review by Alan on 6/28/2016

I've had these for about 6 months now, replacing some older perlick taps. Great price, they look awesome, stay clean, and the growler adapter is pretty handy. I'd recommend these to anyone.

Nice Faucet but auto-close doesn't work

Review by Ed on 11/22/2016

Very nice faucet that seals well and flows well for a nice price. Would 5-star it if f the automatic closing feature worked, but it simply doesn't, so I don't recommend buying the spring add on. I've tried making adjustments and even putting on one of those tiny handles. William's Brewing Responds: If the crown nut (below the lever) is too tight the self closing feature will not work. Try loosening this a little bit.

Great faucets

Review by Ben on 12/3/2016

I've been using three of these for about 6 months and couldn't be happier. They work well and don't leak. The ability to swap out adapters for different needs (growler fills, nitro, even ball lock) is awesome.

Superior Upgrade

Review by Victor on 12/11/2016

I've been using the standard taps for about 6 years and was looking for an upgrade. Looked at SS Perlicks but price just held me back. Then came SS Intertap. Purchased four taps to replace all I had. Couldn't be happier. The taps are solid, well built, and work great. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade their taps.

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