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The best on the market

Review by Bill T on 9/13/2017

I initially bought two of these, and have subsequently bought a dozen more. I use them on my keezers and my jockey boxes. They work better than the old-style faucets, and don't stick shut when not used for a week or so, like the old style ones do. Also, you can go to the hardware store and find stainless steel springs to make them self-closing. Of course being able to swap a growler fill tap or a stout tap is really convenient when you want to fill a growler or swap a stout keg where you had an IPA keg. I was lucky and was able to sell off all my old taps. I recommend you buy these soon and sell your old taps before the market for old taps is flooded!


Review by Mark Frame on 9/15/2017

So far, these Taps are working great. No issues. I am getting ready to clean the taps and lines after their first use.


Review by KEVIN M BUCKLAND on 11/8/2017

I had been meaning to get some of these but put it off, glad I finally purchased them.

Best Design On the Market

Review by Ace on 5/29/2018

These forward seating faucets are second to none! I prefer them to Perlick as the seem to create less turbulence in the beer flow. A very well designed faucet.

Intertap faucets

Review by Brewcat on 5/29/2018

These are great faucets and the price is right. Less foaming than my standard taps and the screw on growler filler is perfect and easy

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