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Review by Richard Davis on 8/23/2017

Used it with my new Robobrew and it worked great. Great hop aroma/taste transferred through and the hop debris stayed in the spider!

Hop Spider

Review by Bob Kauffman on 9/30/2017

If there was a way to cover the top of this spider, it would be more useful. But, as it is, when the boiling wort is near the top of the spider the hops fall out. I suppose if it were taller, that might work better. Maybe it works better in the grainfather, but in a converted keg, it's limited in usefulness.

hop spider

Review by Jay B on 10/22/2017

I like this product hangs on the side of your brew kettle (also my new robobrew) you can drop fine mesh bags of pellet hops in it and that keeps a lot of the hop trub out of your wort,much cleaner going into the fermentor

Hop Spider

Review by Edgar on 11/16/2017

I've used it twice since purchase; yes I had to reengineer the handle a bit to keep the top of the spider above the level of the wart, but other than that I love it. For the most part all of the hop fines stay in the spider and I recirculate the wart into the spider so the hop wonderfulness is distributed throughout.

Hop Spyder

Review by Russ Potts on 5/5/2018

Really happy, it has made hop addition easier. Rather than having bags floating around that may get in the way when whirlpooling , the hop spyder is in the flow of wort for hoping.

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