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Stainless Steel Head for the Mark II Wort Pump

Review by Gary Chumney on 3/13/2017

Bought the head for the wort pump with the pump. It was an easy change and will come in handy as we change connectors on all the cold side wort handling equipment each time it is used. It is almost a necessary upgrade, but even with the added expense it is more economical than other models.

SS Pump Head

Review by Alex on 3/4/2017

Not a requirement but will add to the life of your pump as it wont crack or wear out if you are changing out the connections on your pump. It is very simple to swap out from the plastic head that comes standard. 1-2 minutes depending on if you use an electric screwdriver.

Fit / workes great

Review by John Anderson on 2/17/2017

Around when they were first offered at Williams I bought my original pump with the plastic head cause I was on a budget at the time and actually, it served me quite well until it just recently broke and I had to order this SS version as a replacement. It fit perfect, had no issues with binding on the impeller and there's no noticeable difference from the original head. I will say that if your not careful, you can cut yourself pretty good on several places but it's nothing a little emery cloth couldn't fix. Also, It would be nice if both versions of the pump head were offered. I've found that the "straight-thru" style head actually works / fits better on my stand than this version. As usual, Williams had it shipped fast and I received it in good order.

Wort Pump

Review by Edgar on 2/15/2017

This is what should come with the Mark II pump as standard equipment. I ordered the same day that the plastic impeller head broke. Yes, I probably tightened it a bit to tight but audly enough all my fitting went on without incident. I think it took me about 2 minutes to install it and it worked perfectly.