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A Good Little Pump

Review by George on 12/7/2016

I like this pump, it's well made, quiet and inexpensive . Even if you add the stainless head(recommended) it still costs much less than other wort pumps. I was impressed with these pumps, was expecting lesser quality for the price.

Mark II Keg King Pump

Review by Scott on 10/28/2016

Rock solid brew pump for more than half the cost of some others I won't name. I'm running my 15 gallons of wort from the pump into a filter and then the chiller and a long run of 25 feet to my Brewmaster, shall I say it flows rather easily with the pump pushing the way. I mounted mine with rubber isolators to keep a slight vibration on the brew table now no fear of my gear vibrating off the table. May have to get another for dedicated whirlpool. The only dislike is I got the stainless head and the machining for the output could have been more milled, had to do my own machining to stop a little bit of captivation the first run.

Works Fine

Review by Gerald on 9/24/2016

This is my first pump, so I only have other comments and using industrial pumps in the brewing industry to compare it to. I ordered the stainless pump head, and I'm glad I did as the poly head seemed too weak. Changing the head was very simple. So far I have used it three times. I used it to transfer fifteen gallons of water from ground level to at least five feet up. I have also used it to whirlpool at flame out. So far I have it has had no problems with power drops or transferring from stresses caused by too much pressure. The only reason I give it four stars is that I believe a larger motor pump could transfer faster. Also it needs to be mounted to something so it won't tip forward . Otherwise I am completely satisfied. For the price I believe this is a great introduction to using a pump in brewing.

Solid product

Review by Barry on 9/23/2016

The pump works great and is very quite. On the advice of other reviewers I bought the stainless head. Handles all my pumping needs.

Love it

Review by brad kort on 7/29/2016

easy to use